It’s All About Context

We had a pleasant weekend. We got things done and had time for each other. Mrs. Lion leaves to visit her family on the East Coast in less than a week. I’m going to miss her. It’s also the first time I’ve been locked in a chastity device when we are separated by more than a few miles.  I admit that I’m surprised she decided to do this. It will make me feel her even though she is 3,000 miles away. In recent posts, she’s explained her thinking. I get it.

She will be away a week, not a terribly long time I know. Most of my business trips are four or five days. Enforced male chastity was always suspended during my travels. Mrs. Lion’s reasoning that locking me up will serve as a way for her to touch me while we are apart is inspired. It’s intimate, sexual, and a great way to remind me who’s in charge. I don’t want to make too much of this. It is significant. It was a total surprise when she announced it.

I learned of this at the same time as you. Our blog is a major communication channel for us. One reason I think it works is that we can read each other’s posts when we are ready to hear a sexual message. A problem for us in the past was finding the right opportunity to discuss intimate thoughts. I suspect this isn’t unique to us. It isn’t easy to find opportunities to discuss things like male chastity, spanking, female led relationship, etc. It isn’t dinner conversation. It’s also not particularly appropriate at bedtime either.

By writing our thoughts and desires and then making them available to read, we are avoiding the need for conversational context. There is no “wrong” time. Mrs. Lion knows what to expect when she reads my posts. Context is the enemy of sexual communication. Some handle it by having reserved times to discuss these matters. Others use email, which is a private version of what we do here.

The problem with structured conversations, like reserved times to talk, is that one or both people may not be in a mood conducive to hearing kinky messages. Other activities can appropriate the reserved time.

I like that we use written media to cover most of our sexual topics. We exchange email daily that supplements what we write here. Over the last five years we have grown used to using email and our blog to discuss and, in Mrs. Lion’s case, provide orders to me. We get the added bonus of comments to our posts that provide additional insights.

We needed a way to assure we would follow the path we agreed to take. The blog, and our commitment to daily posts, provided the structure we both need. Our blog and daily emails give us a fluid context for our FLRD and male chastity.


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    Normal people? I feel like a normal person. Does living a fetish lifestyle mean we are not normal?

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      Do you believe that vaginal intercourse is the true test of a vanilla relationship. If my wife ties me to the bed and then rides me in the cowgirl position, am I vanilla?

      What if my wife doesn’t want intercourse. Am I kinky because we don’t do that?

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