I’ve written a lot about consistency; how Mrs. Lion needs to consistently enforce rules, etc. I haven’t written about my consistency requirements. I know what you are thinking. Lion has to be consistent or he will be punished. Following the rules is his job. Failing to do so gets a painful reminder.

Of course that’s true to some extent. But it isn’t fair. Mrs. Lion doesn’t own my good behavior, I do. Yes, she makes the rules and enforces them. I’m expected to follow them. Punishment is the consequence for my failure to consistently do what I am told. That doesn’t let me out of the need for me to work hard to be obedient. It’s no fun to be a top if your bottom constantly requires correction.

There’s another area of consistency that is strictly up to me: remembering to thank Mrs. Lion for all the things she does for me. She puts in a lot of time and effort supporting my enforced male chastity and our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD). It’s hard work being an active key holder and disciplining wife.

The toughest job for me is managing my expectations. It’s very easy to want more and more. Earlier in my life, when I bottomed, this was a serious problem for me. I became a spoilt child wanting more and more BDSM attention.

It happens a lot. It takes consistent effort on my part to keep things in perspective. It’s much easier now. Years of Mrs. Lion’s consistency has taught me to handle my expectations and to take my lioness in consideration when I start wanting more. She’s also gotten very good about saying no when she doesn’t like my ideas.

The most important area of consistency is communication. No matter what is happening, I owe it to Mrs. Lion to be transparent and let her know what’s going on with me. That, unsurprisingly, is the most difficult part for me to learn.