Still Allergic

Lion thinks he’s broken again. He was horny yesterday. And then he wasn’t. He’s still all stuffy and coughing from this latest round of allergies. It’s no wonder he can’t respond to me. I don’t see it as a big deal, but you know how guys are.

We need to get an early start on Friday. I don’t know what that means. Some people think early is 4 a.m. Others think 9 a.m. is early. I just know we need some light to be able to hitch the camper otherwise it will be more difficult. It’s not impossible. There’s a light near the nose of the trailer for just such instances.

Anyway, we aren’t as ready as we need to be. There are mounds of things on the kitchen table and near the front door that need to be taken out to the camper. We still have to pack our clothes. Lion says it will be hard for him to run back and forth today to bring things out. It shouldn’t be a problem. We can load it in the truck and ferry it down that way. Easy peasy. Except that the dog will be going crazy thinking we’re leaving her behind.

I don’t know how we’ll feel after all our running around tonight. I assume Lion’s allergies will be stirred up but I’m not discounting him. He fought through things the other night to have an orgasm. He won’t get one tonight but he might be ready for some play. I’m not pressuring him.

Last night I gave him a pretty good spanking with a wooden spoon. I did a lot of quick swats and then some slower ones. Then I alternated between fast and slow for a while. He was yelling into the pillow. I didn’t stop. Even when he started to wiggle a little, I kept going. He wound up with a nice red butt that he felt for at least an hour afterwards. Win!