Universe 1 Lions 0

Yesterday, I continued unloading things from the camper. I moved the car out of the way so I could take the truck to a car wash. It’s been sitting for a long time and, to paraphrase a rolling stone gathering no moss, a stationary truck gathers gunk. Dirt and algae and whatever other gross stuff grew all over it. I knew a car wash wouldn’t get all of it, but I had to start somewhere. Two runs through the automatic car wash and about $10 in the do-it-yourself car wash to get into all the nooks and crannies, and it finally looked like a somewhat clean vehicle. Then the fun started.

I already had a light on for tire pressure on the way to the car wash. No problem. A stop at Firestone would fix that right up. Supposedly, they put in the correct tire pressure and told me the indicator light would go off after I drove for a while. I didn’t think so, but I’m not the expert I thought I was dealing with at a tire place. Off I went toward home. The light was still on. I headed for a more reputable tire dealer. This one actually put in the correct amount of air but also told me the light would go off as I drove. I still didn’t think so, but off I went again.

I didn’t make it far. Now the check engine light came on. I headed for an auto parts store to see what fresh hell this was. The code popped up as crankshaft ventilation error. WTF is that? The auto parts guy didn’t know, but he turned the light off until I could figure it out. Off I went again. I didn’t make it far at all before the damn check engine light came back on. At this point, I was sure the universe hated me, I was cold, and I had to pee. I kept heading for home.

Lion and I Googled crankshaft ventilation whatever and we now knew, or thought we knew, what was going on. He called the dealer and I drove back to the town I’d just been in to wash the truck. Remember, we’re trying to sell the camper and this 6000-pound piece of crap that keeps lighting things up on the dashboard. The dealer said he’d have an answer by the end of the day. I had to rent a car but, since rental cars are in short supply, I ended up with a 15-passenger van. It’s not as bad as the old, enormous vans. It’s actually pretty nice once you get past the fact that you’re perched in the very front of a vehicle, almost over the wheels and that makes it turn differently from most things you drive. After a five-minute learning curve, I was on my way to grab lunch for Lion and myself. (Did I mention the tire pressure light in the truck hadn’t gone out despite driving over twenty miles?)

Somehow, the crankshaft ventilator whatever is covered under extended warranty. Win. However, the truck was due for a $100-plus oil change. Lose. It will be ready this afternoon. I went back to cleaning out the camper. Lion and I had decided we should tell the would-be buyers to come on Wednesday instead of today since I’d lost so much time on Monday. However, there was an email from said would-be buyers saying they were now won’t-be buyers. All of my running around on Sunday, making myself crazy was for nothing. I mean, I still have to clean out the camper. I just don’t have to do it now. And I guess it is a good thing we’re taking care of things on the truck before we sell it. I just wish it didn’t involve so much running around in circles.

Since I didn’t have to make myself so achy with the camper, I was energetic enough to give Lion some attention. As I was sucking him, I wondered if I should edge him or give him an orgasm. It’s a debate I usually have with myself while sucking him. On one hand, it was a while since his last orgasm. On the other hand, he hasn’t been as arousable as he should have been the past few times we’ve tried. On yet another hand, he’s asked to be edged more. On yet another, another hand (I borrowed Lion’s hands), he always seems disappointed if I just edge him. I was even going to give up and tell him he was only getting part way to the edge because my neck was starting to hurt, when I felt his thighs tense. Actually, this time he was squeezing me fairly hard. It wasn’t uncomfortable. It was just strange.

When he finally had his orgasm, it seemed shortened somehow. Usually, there’s the buildup, the climax, and a slow ride down the other side. This time there was the buildup, the quick climax, and then a drop-off on the other side. Lion said it was another weird orgasm. It wasn’t very fulfilling. And there was no cream filling again. Boo! I’ll have to figure out how to get him back in the swing of things again. I know, my pet. More bondage. More spanking.