Rarely About Us

The last week has been very difficult for me. My allergies went completely out of control. I haven’t experienced this level of allergies in memory. My libido suffered too. I did ask Mrs. Lion to try edging me three nights ago. Mostly, I was interested in seeing if I was even minimally sexually functional. I was. At least I could be brought to orgasm with the Magic Wand.

Question answered.

It feels good to be horny again. I wrote the review of the Holy Trainer Nano while in the midst of my allergy attack. There was no chance modeling for the photography was going to be arousing. It felt like I was photographing someone else’s penis; No, not quite like that. I like seeing mine. I’m not particularly interested in others.

My point is that there was a feeling of detachment. Nothing like a stuffy nose to disconnect my penis from my consciousness. While in that disconnected state, I thought about how public my genitals have become. Few, if any, readers of this blog haven’t seen it. Each and every time I ejaculated is recorded forever in these posts. Not only that, for the last five years my sexual arousal and reactions have been recorded by Mrs. Lion. I’d venture a guess that this blog has the most words every written about a single penis.

I don’t think I’ve published many pictures of my erect penis. Any that are on the site show cock and ball torture that turned me on. Erections come to mind because a while ago I conducted a small survey on Twitter. I asked women to vote on whether seeing a man’s butt o flaccid penis is more erotic. The butts won by a handy margin. Mrs. Lion commented that I needed to add a chance to vote on hard penises as well. She prefers seeing a hard penis over a soft one or a naked butt.

Fair enough. I never considered that. To me, showing my flaccid penis is more vulnerable than showing it erect. I can’t give you a good reason why I feel that way. I haven’t published any images of my hard penis. For one thing, it’s not really appropriate on a blog that is about male chastity. For another, it feels intrusive to me to do that.

It’s not that my erection is so impressive that people will write poems about it. It’s just a normal, Western European circumcised penis. It’s average length and girth. No big deal — literally. I’ve never gotten a request to show more of my sexual anatomy. That’s not surprising. It’s hardly the point here. If I got one, I wonder if I would be embarrassed. I could feel complemented if it came from the right person. I don’t know. It’s all hypothetical.

My perspective is distorted by the fact that my penis and its sexual activities have been completely public for almost five years. It’s become another part of my life.

Interestingly, to me at least, there have never been comments on my sexuality or intimate photography. This isn’t unique in my case. I read many sexual and male chastity blogs. Sexual comments about the bloggers are almost completely absent. It seems to be an unwritten blogosphere custom. I think it’s a good thing. Comments about my penis and its pleasures would generally be out of place.

Direct feedback (Contact Us), is invariably questions about wearing a chastity device. Comments too tend to focus on the commentor rather than us or our topic. I’m not complaining. It shows that our readers are engaged in what we write. It’s cool.

While our readers view our blog one way, I see it as something much more personal. It would be strange if I didn’t. After all, you share every detail of my sex life. No fiction. Just the facts.