The Art Of Spanking

I know it’s just a cartoon, but it turns me on. This over-the-chair position looks like something we could try.

Wednesday night I was punished for failing to remind Mrs. Lion that Monday was Punishment Day. I admit that I was unhappy that I had a spanking coming. I was annoyed that I forgot something as easy as reminding Mrs. Lion of the day. Yesterday I didn’t make that mistake again.

For me, spankings have a rhythm. I imagine that this rhythm is based on my brain chemicals. As a spanking progresses, my ability to handle harder swats improves. I think this is due to endorphin production. Mrs. Lion is aware of this. She’s learned to pace the intensity of her blows as I get better able to manage them.

On Wednesday night, she would intersperse very hard swats along with the milder, endorphin building barrage. This is an excellent strategy. It prevents me from “enjoying” the spanking as the endorphins kick in. She’s also learned to increase the overall intensity as she goes. This definitely hurts, but not so much as to make me yelp or protest.

As the spanking goes on, my bottom feels warmer and warmer. The heavier hits hurt much more. I have no doubt that if the spanking continues even longer than the other night, the pattern will hurt more and more without pushing me to call “Yellow!”

Yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion why she stopped. She said that she was hurting and needed to end the event. I feel badly that she was feeling pain too. I suggested a position change that might put me in a better position for swats that don’t bother her so much. She’s willing to try.

We’re both learning that the longer, slow-buildup spanking is ultimately more effective. A very bruised, deep-red bottom is a powerful lesson to me. This won’t happen if it hurts Mrs. Lion to administer this punishment.

At this point, we both know that Mrs. Lion has no compunction about administering a more severe beating. The limits are now her ability to swing her paddle long enough and hard enough to do it. Wednesday night she was using our most vicious paddle; well the second-most vicious. We have a bloodwood version of this paddle that packs a much more painful wallop. She may need to graduate to that next time.

We are both learning that disciplinary spanking is an art. It requires maintaining a delicate balance between what I can handle with hitting hard enough to assure the swats actually hurt. Mrs. Lion is very close to perfect at doing this. It takes a lot of time and experimentation to optimize a spanking punishment.

The old assumption that a spanking is just whaling away at a naked butt simply isn’t true. The idea is to maximize pain by hitting hard enough to truly hurt but not so hard as to force a “Yellow” or inability to take more. I’m learning that I can be made to hurt for a long time without rebelling.

Since spanking is all about causing lasting pain in a safe way, I can say that Mrs. Lion is making very good progress as a spanking artist.


  1. Author

    I see a pro, and she has on occasion, hurt herself or strained something’s while spanking me. I can’t resist telling her that it’s hard to imagine a sittuation in I have less sympathy than one in which someone hurts her self in the process of hurting me.

    1. Author

      The spanking is a service you paid for. You Paid To be hurt. She was injured serving you. She absolutely deserves sympathy and support.

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    I tell my wife that when she spanks me for my punishment to make sure I’ll fell it the next day and to never fell bad or sorry for me because I ask for it and after every punish I always thank her well kneeling down in front of her and kiss her feet

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