Lion finally got his punishment for forgetting to remind me of punishment day on Monday. He reminded me Tuesday, but I was too tired to punish him then. Of course, I always reserve the right to punish him when I feel like it. Whether he’s done anything wrong or not.

Before I started, I already knew there would be no corner time. If I did it correctly, he wouldn’t need anything but his stinging buns to remember he’d done something wrong. I selected a fairly long-handled paddle. I like the way it feels and it gives me good leverage. The small head ensures it goes where it tell it to go.

I started out with somewhat softer swats. Nothing compared to the imperceptible swats when I first learned to spank him, but I wanted to build up to the hard swats. As I built up I decided to stay at a certain level. It was more important to me that I get his whole butt red. Every few swats I tossed in a harder one. He’d yelp and I’d go back to the lesser level. Not that I thought he couldn’t handle the harder swats. I wasn’t backing off for his sake. I just wanted to cover his buns with medium swats. Again, I’d toss a harder one in here and there just to get his attention.

I knew the medium swats were doing the trick because he was grumbling a bit. He never asked me to stop. He never called Yellow. That was another goal I had. I wanted to see how long we could go before he had to ask me to back off. Obviously he might not have needed to say yellow because I wasn’t hitting as hard. However, all those “not hard” swats add up. With the harder swats thrown into the mix I figured I was allowing him to take more swats even if they weren’t bruise-inducing swats.

Toward the end I threw in more and more hard swats. It all culminated in a barrage of harder swats. Lion was definitely happy I was done. I assume he was even happier that he didn’t have to do any corner time.