In The End

lion male buttIndependently of each other, we both thought of some anal activity for Lion tonight. Actually he suggested either spanking or anal fun. I’d already decided last night that it had been a while since he’s had something up his ass. I was going to leave the dildo on the bed this morning before I left for work as a hint. But I forgot. At least we were on the same page.

Lion wants me to use the Rodeoh strap-on tonight. I’m not sure I’m ready for that. We have to figure out a good position so the angle is right. We’ll have to see. We just started things with the dildo. Lion is still getting used to the dildo moving in and out. Why rush into the Rodeoh? There’s plenty of time for that.

I have been keeping up with edging Lion. He had an orgasm recently but he’s as horny as ever. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having a horny Lion. He’s no more attentive, as suggested by other blogs, but I like it when Mr. Weenie is at full attention and straining to come.

I have used a dildo in Lion while he was in the sling and edged him at the same time. I’ve even sucked him while he had the dildo in him in the sling. This is not necessarily new ground for us. I guess it’s just a renewed focus. I may have lost interest in fisting him at this point, but there’s nothing to say I won’t want to do that in the future. It’s not a goal right now. I think it may depend on how he progresses through our dildos. We have some huge ones that are almost as big as my hand. It’s a bit of a scary proposition.

For now, we’ll stick with his purple friend and decide what dildo is next in line. The purple one is completely smooth. The next one will probably have a head on it and may be textured. I think once Lion gets used to the movement of the purple one, it won’t be such an issue for him to handle a head or texture. Just my prediction.