Lion is on his way home today. In a post the other day, Lion suggested I’d be swatting him in the truck at the airport. Don’t be silly, Lion. Your car is easier to maneuver in airport parking. It would be SUV swatting. If I do it. One never knows what I’ll do.

Last night Lion reminded me it was punishment night. He said it doesn’t really matter because he’s so far away. I told him it does matter. Just because he’s out of reach doesn’t mean he’ll always be out of reach. Eventually he’ll be home. Technically he missed reminding me by a minute but I was feeling charitable. I won’t punish him for missing.

While I left Lion wild, I never put his rules on hold for his trip. He reminded me of punishment night on Monday. He knew he had to on Thursday. I don’t think he had any real expectation that he wouldn’t be punished for forgetting. Unless I forgot too. Which I did. However, if I remembered at any point I could still punish him. I’m under no time limit.

I cant wait for Lion to get home. Neither of us does well when we’re apart. We don’t sleep well normally. Separately it’s almost hopeless. Tonight will be much better. At least if we don’t sleep, the other side of the bed won’t be empty.

We’re off on a trip on Thursday. I can’t believe Labor Day is already here. We have a lot of preparation to do this weekend. The important part is that we’ll be together. It’s sickeningly sweet, right? I know. Isn’t it great?