(Saturday morning) We spent yesterday traveling to our vacation destination. It’s hot, desert here. There are irrigated orchards with pears, apricots, cherries and peaches. Apricots are plentiful now with peaches coming in. I love to go to fruit stands and get fresh-picked fruit. That’s on our agenda today.

Enough of the ‘fruit report. I admit it; I really love fresh fruit. We tried to aim the satellite dish yesterday. We had no success. We were both hot, tired, and grumpy by dinner time. We ate at a dive that has great food. We returned to the trailer. I managed to get some cocktail sauce on my shirt. Mrs. Lion directed me to change my Apple watch face to Minnie Mouse. That’s our reminder I am going to be punished.

After we showered and watched a bunch of “Becker” episodes. Then we went to bed. We snuggled for a while. Mrs. Lion tried to get me hard. No go. She did casually mention that she has a bar of soap with her. That is, I think, a coming attraction for tonight.

There are several pairs of frilly panties in my underwear drawer. As of now, that’s where they remain. Last night, Mrs. Lion said that today I will be in nice soft panties. I’m naked right now. Mrs. Lion is writing her post. We will be going out soon. I expect I won’t be wearing my usual underwear.

When you think about it, a lot of things seem to be changing for me. I’m back in my chastity device (it’s off for this trip). Mrs. Lion is punishing much more effectively. Her new spanking style is way stricter. She is giving me punishment “deserts’ that range from mouth soaping to corner time or both. And now she is dressing me in panties, bras, and other frilly stuff. I wonder if in the near future that panties will be my only underwear. That is oddly arousing for me.

We are going shopping today for a stool. This will be my punishment stool. Instead of standing in the corner, I will be sitting on the stool. The seat will be covered with 3M anti-slip tape. This tape is like super coarse sandpaper. The grit is very sharp and very big. I can only imagine how it will feel on my freshly spanked bottom. Julie suggested that Mrs. Lion whip the top of my thighs with a crop to get me moving to better feel the grit.

I’m impatient for Mrs. Lion to begin with the underwear. It’s not that I exactly look forward to it. It’s just that the feeling is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know things are going to happen to me. The anticipation is, in some ways, worse than the reality.

It looks like Mrs. Lion is nearly done writing. I’m sure she’s already let you know what she did yesterday. I’m about to start finding out. (Saturday, Lunchtime) We just left WalMart. Mrs. Lion tarried a long time over the pegboard full of panties. She selected seven pairs of panties. I think she judged which ones she wanted to buy based on the look on my face when she held them up for me to see. We self-checked out, so no salesgirl to look at me in a funny way.We also bought a wooden stool for punishment time.

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  1. Poor Mr Lion you should be careful what you wish for or will it soon be Ms Lion in a pretty dress

  2. Can you provide a link to the tape please? There seems to be quite a range of anti-slip tapes from 3M.

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