I Think Lion Likes Panties

“I thought you were going to make me wear panties.” This was a few hours after we got things set up at the campsite. Because I hadn’t made him wear panties on the way here and because I wasn’t making him put them on before we went to dinner, apparently I wasn’t going to make him wear them all weekend. I had him bring his manties and his new red thong, fringed panties. Just because I didn’t make him wear them one day doesn’t mean he won’t wear them at some point.

As a matter of fact, in bed he said he has a sore spot on my weenie. I told him I knew what would cure him. A nice satiny pair of panties would feel good against his sore spot. He’s wild, but he wore the training collar. I told him he doesn’t even need to wear the training collar with his panties. Am I a saint or what?

At lunch, Lion spilled some ketchup on his shirt. He was lamenting his impending punishment. I handed him a Tide stain stick. If the stain isn’t there when I look for it, it never happened. He thought he was in the clear. At dinner, I noticed ketchup in a different spot. So Lion was, in fact, in trouble. We were just too tired to do anything about it last night.

I decided he’ll get his punishment today. That gives him more time to dread it and me more time to plan it. In the meantime, we’ll try again to fix the satellite and go shopping. Perhaps we’ll swing through the lingerie section of WalMart to see if there are any sexy Lion panties. Then we’ll see how much he complains about not wearing panties. Poor Lion. He just needs to be more careful.

Addendum: Success! We found seven new pairs of Lion panties. He grumbled and sighed the whole time we were looking. With the occasional,”Ew!” thrown in for good measure. We’ll post pictures as soon as we can.