Peaches, Asparagus, And IcyHot

Lion got his roasted balls last night. It was a less than satisfactory experience for both of us. Instead of the usual 0-60 rush of heat, the Icy Hot did nothing at first. I didn’t want to slater him with the stuff because it’s supposed to be strong. Getting the cap off was an adventure. Of course, I didn’t keep any directions. No one said I’d need a PhD in Icy Hot application to operate the pro version.

The applicator has 54 nodes to massage achy muscles, according to the website. I didn’t massage it in. It didn’t seem to work like other Icy Hot has in the past. Lion theorizes that it needs to be massaged in to break little beads in the cream. There’s nothing on the website to indicate that. However, when I went to wash it off, he said it seemed like I spread it around and it started burning again.

The reason I think it was less than satisfactory is that he didn’t stay hard for long after I finally got some heat going on his balls. Clearly, he was not turned on very much. Of course, it could have just been the length of time after an orgasm that did it. Sometimes it takes him a while get back in the mood. And he was probably thinking I didn’t want to play with him because there’s nothing in it for me. Nevermind that the thing that’s in it for me is making him happy.

He doesn’t buy that.

Let’s examine that for a minute. When I go to the store, I tend to buy things I know he likes because I want to make him happy. He likes peaches. I buy peaches. I don’t want to eat the peaches. They are for him. He likes asparagus. I buy asparagus. I don’t mind asparagus, but I wouldn’t buy it for myself. I’d buy cupcakes for myself. Why isn’t this the same as playing with him? Just because I don’t want peaches, asparagus, or sex for myself doesn’t mean I won’t buy peaches or asparagus or give him sex. Maybe I don’t always buy him peaches or asparagus. Maybe I don’t always give him sex. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever give him peaches, asparagus, or sex again.


Okay. Done with the rant. I’m going to make more of an effort to give him sex on a more consistent basis. How? Maybe I have to lock him in the chastity device that’s sitting on his desk. Maybe I have to tie a string around my finger. I’ll keep trying things until something works.

[Lion — Interesting thought. Does Mrs. Lion look between my legs often enough for a chastity device to remind her?]

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  1. I love your analogy to buying things he likes and that you don’t always buy them.
    I have the same wishes for more consistent “treatment”. I wish for more “spanking” and have talked with my wife several times about setting up some sort of regular schedule rather than waiting until she thinks about it or I get desperate enough to place myself in bondage with “whip me” written on my ass.
    Wearing a chastity device for Locktober, she is hardly aware.

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