Frilly Butt

Lion in panties: front and back view
Lion modeling his green, frilly panties. He has cute roses and frills both front and back. The front view outlines the lock on his plastic cage and nicely shows his balls. His butt is cute with the frill going across Such a pretty little thing. (click image for full-size view)

I admit it. I forget Lion is wearing his frilly panties when he’s got clothes on. However, I thought of it when we were messing around with the satellite for the camper and told him I knew why we were having so much trouble. The satellite knows he has a frilly butt. He said that made perfect sense. What self-respecting satellite would want to work for a man in frilly panties?

As you can see from the pictures, Lion’s panties have roses on the front and frills across the back. He has a green pair and a pink pair. When I said I thought we had enough sexy lingerie for him, he said he still needs a bra. Apparently, he said, a bra is important. It’s easy to forget that frilly panties are frilly and not just regular underwear. There’s no way to forget a bra is a bra. Fair enough. The bra search continues. I was looking this morning but so far nothing has jumped out and said, “You must buy this for Lion.” It can’t be too plain. It needs a certain amount of lace or sheerness. It doesn’t have to match his panties. It can be any color although I’d prefer pink or purple just because those seem more feminine. I’ll know it when I see it.

When we got home from running errands and Lion was in the bathroom, I was checking out his panties. The cage makes an non-organic bulge in the front. The square of the lock is certainly a giveaway that he’s not alone in his panties. I like the way the lacy frills run across his butt. Anything to draw my eye to his buns is A-Okay with me. And as I was checking him out, I noticed something amusing. Lion was checking himself out. He looked at the roses on the front, turned a bit, and then looked again. I wonder if he thinks he’s sexy in his frilly panties.


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    How about stockings and suspenders why not go all the way it could be fun

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    What is the brand of the panties?

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