The Naughty Stool

naughty stool
Here is the stool we covered with tread tape. We added 36-grit sandpaper stripe down the middle. I felt this from the second I sat on the modified stool.

One idea that Mrs. Lion had some time ago was to make me sit on something rough after a spanking. More recently, the idea of corner time was introduced to my punishments. I stood in the corner the first time we tried it. It was hard on my legs. Of course, I thought that was part of the punishment, but Mrs. Lion thought I could sit in the corner. That led to the concept of a naughty stool that could be coated with rough stuff. Painful sitting and corner time!

On our last trip, we bought a wood stool and covered it with tread tape. This is rough, sandpaper-like material that is used on decks, ladders, and other places where a good grip is needed. We tried it, and while it was a bit scratchy on my bare butt, it wasn’t really very uncomfortable. We decided to up the ante.

I went to Home Depot in search of something a bit rougher to add interest to my stool. I know, stupid lion finds ways to be tortured. This was definitely a “dig your own grave” moment. In the tool section, by the belt sanders, there was an array of sanding belts. The coarsest was a 36 grain belt. It hurt to just touch the surface. Naturally, I bought it along with some contact cement to attach it to the naughty stool.

After dinner, I showed my purchase to Mrs. Lion. We didn’t have enough of the nasty sandpaper to cover the entire stool. She decided a single strip down the middle would be enough. I argued, stupidly, that we should have a wider area. No, she put her paw down. A single stripe it would be.

This wasn’t easy material to work with. It was uncomfortable to hold. We cut a strip and using the contact cement, firmly attached it to the naughty stool. I tried it out. Oh yes! Just a few seconds was very uncomfortable. A longer stay will certainly be miserable.

I pointed out to Mrs. Lion that my balls were dangling safely in front of the stool. Being ever-so-helpful, I suggested she could lasso my balls and then pull them under me as I sit down. She is an expert ball wrangler. She didn’t like that suggestion. I later learned that it wasn’t so much that it was a bad idea, as it was me offering way too much help. That annoys her.

I have no doubt that just sitting on that stool for any length of time will be miserable. One minute will feel like ten. I can’t imagine how it will feel on my freshly-spanked bottom as I sit in the corner.

Ok, I realize that I engineered this. But it was something Mrs. Lion also wanted. Maybe she wouldn’t have selected the 36 grit sanding belt. Sanding belts of any grit are designed with the abrasive particles further apart so that the moving belt will eject material removed from the work. In terms of discomfort, the more widely spaced grit allows each sharp piece to dig further into my tender, just-spanked hide.

This is the top in me coming out. I can’t help it. Mrs. Lion knows. Sometimes it amuses her that I give her tools to torture me. Other times she gets annoyed that I am getting something she didn’t ask for. In this case she is amused. She wanted the naughty stool to have sharper teeth. I won’t be laughing when I have to spend some time on it. I’ll have plenty of time to consider my Home Depot purchase.

Last night, I was punished for upsetting Mrs. Lion recently. Julie, of StrictJulieSpanks helpfully suggested that I should be punished if Mrs. Lion feels out of sorts whether or not I had anything to do with what bothered her. Mrs. Lion decided to take her advice. So, last night I got the hairbrush paddle from my thighs to the top of my butt. She didn’t neglect spreading my cheeks and applying her paddle to my cleft. Ouch!

After the spanking, she moved the naughty stool into the corner and directed me to sit down. I don’t know how long I spent there but I could feel each sharp bit of grit in the new red stripe. My balls escaped, hanging safely in front of the stool. I continued feeling it for hours after I was released. Mrs. Lion wants to apply more of the 36-grit sanding belt to the stool. I suppose we will do that later this week. Poor lion!


  1. Author

    I highly recommend that Mrs Lion wrangles those balls under there as well. You can have the added pleasure of sitting on your balls on the sandpaper. Even worth the trouble of removing you from your cage and wrangling that naked cocktip onto the paper as well. Adding a really big dildo for you to sit on also has a certain appeal. My policy is that if the boy wants it, it should be given!

      1. Author

        I suppose you thought that was “funny”? I think the thought of you sitting as I described for 30 minutes after a good hard paddling is WAY more funny.

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