That Face

my new panties

(Left) front view of pink panties, (Right) back view of green pair Lion is wearing today instead of a diaper. Fair trade?

Lion’s bruise is healing nicely now that he’s out of the cage. We think the cage impaired blood flow. With no restrictions, the dark purple-brown has been reduced to a faded brown. When Lion is in his collar, he still has a reminder on that he’s got to watch his step. Yesterday, before he left for work, he did a little happy dance that he was wild and uncollared. Last night I decided that, since he’d like to remain wild until the bruise heals completely, he’d have to be in a diaper while he’s home from the time he woke up until the time he went to bed. Same rules as last time. He has to stay in a wet diaper for an hour before he can change it. He made a face and a little while later he said, “Buh, buh, buh, diaper.” He didn’t know there was another option.

I offered an exchange. He could swap the diaper and all of its wetness for frilly panties. He gladly made the swap. A little while later he said, “Buh, buh, buh, frilly panties.” Such a funny guy. I told him they were his own fault. He could be in a wet diaper instead. He’s the one who chose the frilly panties. This morning he asked if I wanted to choose which ones he wears. I didn’t know he had more than one pair. Well, maybe I did, but I forgot. I chose a lovely green pair with little roses sewn to them. When he put them on I noticed the frills running across his butt. Very chic. And I decided that he could wear them when we go out since they will fit nicely under his jeans. Perhaps he’s rethinking the diaper decision. Too late!

When I mentioned the frill across the butt, he said he thought I didn’t like men in silly panties. I told him I don’t really like it, but the face he makes is priceless. He’s clearly uncomfortable, not from an actual “these things ride up” point of view, but from a “why the hell am I wearing frilly, lacy, froo froo panties?” point of view. Why indeed? Is someone making you wear them? Oh wait. You chose to wear them. Now the diaper, someone would have made you wear the diaper. But, no. You chose to trade the diaper for the panties. The frilly, lacy panties.

Ultimately the diapers and the frilly panties were his idea. One of his silly “you know what we could do” ideas that comes back to bite him every now and then. He has a lot of those. He wanted 2.0 to notice when he’s in uniform and wearing the collar. Well, she’s definitely noticing that frilly Lion butt. And that face he makes when I mention it.