Punishment Night

Mrs. Lion hasn’t tried this position yet. I imagine a firm grip on my balls would keep me in place.

(This isn’t fiction.)
We finish dinner while watching “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy”. The dishes get cleared and washed. I lie on top of the bed and watch TV while Mrs. Lion takes her shower.

When she’s done, she comes out of the bathroom naked. Instead of joining me on the bed, she goes into the guest room and returns with a paddle. When I saw her head for the guestroom, I knew I was going to be spanked.

She walks around to my side of the bed. She doesn’t say a word. She doesn’t have to. I roll over onto my stomach and wait. I feel the paddle repeatedly hit one spot 10 times.

There is a pause.

10 more swats to the same spot on the other cheek.


10 swats on the first spot.

She repeats this process over and over. I lose count. I just want her to stop. I yell loudly and kick my feet. I tell her to stop.

10 swats on the left.


10 more on the right.

Each set harder than the last. After a very long time, she says,

Do you think that’s enough?”

I assure her it is. I stay in place a little while gently rubbing the sore spots. She’s moved into the bathroom. I hear the water running. She calls,

We aren’t done yet. Come in here.”

I slowly walk into the bathroom. Mrs. Lion is vigorously rubbing a wet bar of soap into her hand. She tells me to open my mouth. She puts her soapy hand into my mouth and rubs soap on the top and bottom of my tongue, inside my lips, on the front and back of my teeth, and on the roof and floor of my mouth.

She puts the bar of soap in my mouth between my lips and tells me to bite down. I bite down on the bar of soft, wet soap. She sets the timer for three minutes. I stand there seeing myself in the mirror foamy liquid dripping from my lips.

The time passes slowly. The soap doesn’t taste horrible but it isn’t something I would want to eat voluntarily. Eventually the timer goes off and Mrs. Lion takes the bar of soap from my mouth. She tells me to rinse. I go to my sink and do my best to wash out the soapy taste.

When I’m done, my mouth still tastes of soap. I go back to the bed and we watch TV. I’ll taste that soap for hours; long after the burn of my spanking has faded.

The entire process took less than 30 minutes. It felt like hours to me. Since this was the first time I’d been punished in weeks, I secretly felt excited by this activity. I knew that in about an hour Mrs. Lion would snuggle with me and masturbate me to the edge of orgasm several times.

Was this punishment or foreplay?

I could pretend that this was to get me aroused. I know it wasn’t. That might’ve been the side effect but it wasn’t the purpose. Mrs. Lion knows that I react sexually. She’s worked out a way to make sure I understand this wasn’t for my pleasure.

The entire process is going to be repeated tomorrow night and for two nights after that. She’s asked me how much fun I thought that would be. She didn’t need to wait for my answer.

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    It appears that you haven’t been reading our blog. It’s taken Mrs. Lion more than a decade to build up the willpower and confidence to bruise my bottom. She doesn’t like to hurt people; especially me. She does it because it’s something I asked for.

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