Maybe Lion is more appropriately named “Rhino” because he charges into everything full-tilt.

I think Lion is misnamed. I think he should be Rhino because he just charges into things with a full head of steam. No learning curve. No dipping his big toe in the water first. Nope. Hard on the gas.

Last night I added mouth soaping to the punishment repertoire. I knew I needed to get the soapy taste into his mouth. I was content with soaping up a washcloth and making him hold it in his mouth. Nope. I needed to soap my fingers and make sure every inch of his mouth was soapy and then insert the soap into his mouth for him to hold.Since it was the first time we’ve done this I was happy with a minute’s worth of soap holding. This morning, Lion says it should be more like ten minutes. Yikes! I don’t even have the patience to watch him for ten minutes let alone holding soap in my mouth for that long. I think that’s something we’ll need to build up to. I only made him stand in the corner for five minutes at the longest.

The other thing that Lion has gone extreme about is his cage. In his post this morning he says he shouldn’t even touch my weenie when he showers or to put the base ring on. I disagree with this assessment. I think he can be trusted in the shower. I think he can be trusted without the cage at all. He’s been wild for months with no issues. Plus, I don’t want to put on the base ring. There’s a certain amount of tugging and shoving involved and I don’t want to pinch Lion as I’ve done in the past. He does the base ring at my request. Does he need it to be made a requirement? Okay. It’s now a requirement that he put on and take off the base ring.

When I told him I wanted to continue to put on the base ring, he didn’t like the idea. The last email he sent me yesterday said he could wear gloves. Really? You’re going to waste a pair of gloves just so you don’t actually touch my weenie? Can you hear me rolling my eyes? When I was done edging him last night he did put the base ring on without gloves. I’m hoping he realized how ridiculous that idea was. I never know with Lion. [Lion — I do tend to charge full speed into things. It’s my nature. Yes, the gloves were a silly idea. There’s no need to uncage me for a shower at any time. We have the nylon cage when the steel one is being cleaned. Just sayin’]