My First Gentle (Intentionally Ruined) Orgasm

lion ejaculating
Moment of normal orgasm. The gentle orgasm involved no roaring or other sounds.

On Monday night Mrs. Lion gave me my first intentionally ruined orgasm. I’ve had two accidental ones during edging sessions earlier this year. Those were crash-into-the-wall feeling orgasms. I never got over the top, but I was so close it was as though I hit a brick wall; massive sensation and then nothing. Monday’s experience was nothing at all like that.

Mrs. Lion and I looked at some ruined orgasm videos (here, here , and here) and discussed the techniqu. Essentially, the idea is to masturbate me just to the point that I can’t help but ejaculate. She does that by masturbating me until she thinks I am ready. She withdraws her hand and waits about fifteen seconds. If nothing comes out, she goes back to stimulating me. Then she stops again. Rinse and repeat until semen appears.

She lubed me up and tried it. We don’t normally use lube. It felt very good. It took a while but I was getting more and more excited. She stopped. Nope, not that time. She went back to rubbing me and stopped. No, not that time either. The third time I told her that I wasn’t quite there. Then, after a few more tries, when she paused, after about ten seconds, some semen appeared. Success! I wonder if it’s fun for her to see me ejaculate with no stimulation.

The head of my cock got very sensitive. She was nice enough to avoid it. I started to get soft. The (younger) guys in the videos stayed hard and the ruined orgasm was repeated a few times. Not me. I was disappointed. Mrs. Lion was happy to be successful and even happier I had semen to deliver.

From my side, this ruined orgasm was nothing like the ones I had when I was just about to come. This was far gentler. In fact, it didn’t feel like an orgasm at all. It wasn’t a crescendo of sensation. When I have a full orgasm, or a ruined one right at the edge, a muscle in my right thigh gets very tight. It hurts a little. That’s the way I know an orgasm is started. With the intentional ruined orgasm, that didn’t happen.

peaceful lion
Photo by Stephen Underwood
Lion during a “Gentle Orgasm”. He’s much more peaceful. He isn’t too happy either. That’s how I felt.

In fact, almost nothing happened with me. I just felt very aroused, far from the edge I’m normally stimulated to reach. But just the same I felt something. It wasn’t the spasms I usually feel. It was quiet. I could feel the contractions that normally fire like cannons. But this time they gently squeezed me. It was a bit surprising that the head of my penis got so sensitive (Mrs. Lion will probably do post-orgasm torture now that she knows). I didn’t expect any semen. I figured this was another close call.

I was surprisingly unsatisfied in a new way. I didn’t yearn for that lost orgasm. No, not at all. I didn’t want anything. I wasn’t disappointed because I knew from the beginning that I would have a ruined orgasm. Given how different it felt from the crashing letdown of the accidental ones, it doesn’t feel right to call it a ruined orgasm. I think a better term is a “gentle orgasm”.

This gentle orgasm was nice. I liked it. But it didn’t provide the satisfaction of a full orgasm. It did relieve some sexual pressure. I don’t feel as horny as I did before I had it. But I also think my refractory period will be a lot shorter. Maybe Mrs. Lion will test that. I usually do best after a three day wait, though I can come the next day.

I think that this type of orgasm is useful as a pressure-release valve for a caged male. It provides some good sensations, nothing like a full orgasm, while at the same time clearing out some semen. It may be a way for Mrs. Lion to give me periodic gentle orgasms and save the full ones for special occasions. I wonder if she adopts this concept I will learn to better appreciate this new type of orgasm.