Recapturing My Weenie

lion's penis in jail bird chastity device
As you can see, Lion is back in his Jail Bird chastity device.

Lion raised the question of whether he should be caged or not. Obviously he isn’t going to cheat. Obviously he’s been keeping his hands to himself, for the most part. He’s had many opportunities to masturbate, but he hasn’t. So why cage him?

When I suggested we talk about it, he said it should be my decision since I’m in charge. Okay. But in order to make that decision I need to ask some questions. Is there some reason he can’t wear the cage? No. Is there some reason he doesn’t want to wear the cage? No. I needed to rule out some underlying problem like comfort or maybe an issue I wouldn’t think about. If there are no physical barriers and no emotional/mental barriers, then it truly is my decision. I wouldn’t want him to wear it if it causes a problem.

In addition to reporting no issues with the cage itself, Lion said it would be pretty silly if we had the Male Chastity Journal with no chastity device involved. That is true. I don’t think I’d let the title of the blog sway my decision though. If I don’t want him to wear it anymore, he wouldn’t wear it. That said, do I want him to wear it? Yes. Why? Ummm….

Lion asked me that very question last night. I don’t really have an answer. Is it nice when he’s wild and I don’t have to stop the action to unlock him? Yes. Do I sometimes find it annoying to have to lock him back up when I’m done with him? Yup. Do I like to fondle my wild weenie at random points of the day? You bet! All those things seem to lead to a wild weenie forever. But there’s something about having him locked up that’s appealing.

I like the way it looks, but that’s not really what I mean by appealing. Even though I know he won’t cheat or masturbate when he’s wild, he can’t when he’s caged. He’s mine. All mine. Never mind the fact that he wants to be caged. There’s something to be said for fondling my caged weenie and making the comment that I can’t get in. Not only can’t I get in at that particular moment, no one else can either. (Lion will say that no one else wants to, but that’s not the point.)

I also think, and Lion can correct me if I’m wrong, that Lion feels more like he’s mine when he’s locked away. It’s a constant reminder that I own his penis. And, even though I’ve been pretty good about giving him attention, it reminds me that he is relying on me to unlock him so he can have some fun.

So the cage stays. I locked it back on my weenie last night. He’ll wear it on our trip to see if he can manage without giving his balls a bath. There’s no problem if he needs to be wild for certain periods of time. But the cage will go back on when that time period has lapsed.

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    I think your decision was right Mrs. Lion, as a hubby just becoming new to chastity, we are safer, no discretion to stray/touch or anything, as you said, we are in your control 100%

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