Mad Scientists

You may laugh when I say we do experiments. I think that’s a perfectly fitting term. We try something and if it doesn’t work, we tweak it. Every trial gets us closer to the “correct” answer. At the very least, it gets us further from what doesn’t work. The two trials under construction most recently are ruined orgasms and punishment spanking.

Originally I thought ruined orgasms were a bad thing. Who wants to go through all the work of edging with the hopes of leaving Lion hanging, only to go a little too far, but not far enough? Not me. Lion isn’t too fond of them either. I even decided that if I managed to go too far, I’d salvage it by starting the strokes again so he’d have a more normal orgasm. But Lion, ever the researcher, found that ruined orgasms can have less evil connotations. He’s termed them gentle orgasms. Live and learn.

Initially, Lion thought punishment spankings should be somewhat similar to play spankings. Then he discovered that they should hurt. Duh! Makes perfect sense. Why didn’t we think of it before? Why should a punishment be anything like play? Play is for fun. Punishment is to change behavior. Am I more likely to stop speeding if I get a gentle warning from a cop or if I get a $300 ticket? For me, neither actually, but many people need the $300 ticket to slow them down. However, Lion recently figured out that a punishment spanking should start out slowly and build to severe swats. I start out with vicious swats and Lion can’t really handle more than ten before he cries foul. Perhaps a build up of lesser swats to get the blood flowing, will help him stay still to handle to upcoming nasty swats. Trial and error.

I’m not sure we’ll ever perfect anything. Good thing the experiments are so much fun.