As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, I had a ruined orgasm on Friday night. It’s the first one since July. It crept up on both of us. I felt myself coming close and my hips were moving a little. Then, suddenly I felt a muscle tighten in my right thigh — a sure sign an ejaculation has begun — and that was it. Mrs. Lion stopped just after that muscle tightened. That was it. Since she was giving me a blow job, she was able to catch the semen that dripped out. She likes that.

She also wrote that I might be horny again on Saturday night. Since I am writing this post on Saturday afternoon, we shall see. From my reading, the ability to ejaculate again after a ruined orgasm is based on whether or not all of my semen supply was exhausted. Some men can have multiple ruined orgasms. If there is a good supply of semen stored up, then they can. The incomplete orgasm that constitutes a ruined orgasm only empties the semen in the chamber just below the base of the erect penis. This chamber fills as arousal gets very close to ejaculation.

In a normal orgasm, muscle spasms refill the chamber, and the fluid squirts out. This happens over and over until no more is left. Apparently, I have a very small supply that usually only partially fills the chamber. That’s why my erection fades quickly after the ruined orgasm. If I had a larger supply, I would have remained at least partially hard and could be coaxed into either another ruined orgasm or a complete one. Some men can have four or five ruined orgasms in a row. You can see a good example of this on YouPorn. Here is a link (part of my research).

Mrs. Lion is right that I might be horny. It depends on my semen production, apparently. If I have a supply, even one too small to appear, I will want sex. Mrs. Lion can encourage semen production by teasing me during the day. Each time I’m stimulated to get an erection and hold it for a while, my body gets to work. This is one reason why I want her to take frequent teasing breaks without trying to edge me. A once-a-day session is nice and I love it. However, more frequent, smaller sessions are very helpful as well.

just published: a great, new spanking book

My friend Julie of Strict Julie Spanks has just published her book, Julie’s Spankings: A Semi-Autobiographical Account of a Young Wife’s Husbandly Spankings and Embarrassingly Public Punishments in a Family and Church Setting. It’s available on Amazon Kindle. Click the title to visit the order page. I had the privilege of copy-editing the book. It’s extremely hot with chapter after chapter of sexy spanking and humiliation scenes. If you are a fan of her blog, like I am, you know how arousing her writing can be. The book is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and only a few bucks for the rest of us. By the way, the sexy cover shot is really her!

get the red in

Her red bottom in the picture is real. I have had a problem reproducing accurately the way my bottom looks after a spanking. I’ve tried using a point-and-click camera as well as a semi-pro DSLR. The red seems to fade to nothing. Julie shared a technique she developed to “get the red out”. It doesn’t enhance the color, just brings it out to the actual way a freshly-spanked bottom looks.

Recently, I published a picture of my rear after a spanking. I used Julie’s technique to correct the color. Mrs. Lion looked at it and pronounced that it accurately reproduced how I looked when she was done. We can’t figure out why digital cameras have this problem. I’m an experienced photographer and I’ve worked with the camera-raw images (no corrections applied by the computer in the camera). The red is barely visible. It turns out that judicious color correction can bring it back. That’s what I’ve been doing. Mrs. Lion reviews and certifies there is no exaggeration. Below you can compare the before and after images.

lion's spanked bottom
Before (Left), After (Right)

It always bothered me that we couldn’t accurately show spanking results. Now we can!

The problem with super edging is that if you get too close — and that’s exactly what happened last night — stupid ruined orgasms. Of course, if I had reacted quicker (or at all, for that matter) I probably could have salvaged it. I guess I was hoping it wasn’t really going to progress to a ruined orgasm. Sometimes he makes the noises and it doesn’t actually go that far.

I told him it was his fault. Obviously, it wasn’t. I pushed him too far. But he didn’t give me the signals until it was too late. There’s nothing he could do about it. Sometimes it sneaks up on him. Usually I know I’m playing with fire. I’d edged him once and I let him calm down a bit before starting again. If the past is any indicator, I should have been able to edge him at least one more time before I was in danger of going too far. Apparently he was hornier than I thought.

Now the question is whether that stupid ruined orgasm resets the clock or not. I don’t think there’s a concrete answer to that. If I remember correctly, there have been times he’s fine the next day. Other times, it’s like a full orgasm. I wonder if it depends on how far over the edge I took him. In other words, if I stop just past the edge, maybe it doesn’t reset things. If I go further, maybe it does. I don’t think the amount of semen means anything. He can produce a tiny amount after a long wait or a large amount after a short wait. There was a decent amount last night. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll be ready to go again tonight.

Of course, there are things I could do to encourage him to be horny. A nice spanking might do it. I could tie him to the bed. I could shove a butt plug where the sun don’t shine. Oh, so many things! I don’t necessarily want to extend his wait much longer. I’d just rather have the orgasm be on my terms.

For a long time, I’ve asserted that Lion’s wait times are wrong. He says he’s been waiting X number of days based on his last orgasm. I say he shouldn’t count the few days after orgasm because he could care less if he has sex or not. Suddenly, the other day he came around to my line of thinking. Of course, he didn’t say he was agreeing with me. He just made a statement. What the heck? It sort of gave me flashbacks to arguments with my ex. We’d be yelling for hours and then realize we were both saying the same thing. It was so frustrating. Obviously, the level of frustration with Lion was far less than with the ex, but the concept of saying the same thing was there.

Naturally, counting from the orgasm date gives a more concrete number. I have no idea when Lion begins to get horny unless he tells me. On the other hand, I don’t really care how long he waits. I take my cues from him and then I decide when I feel like giving him an orgasm. I’ve been known to give him an orgasm the day after the last one just to keep him on his toes. That hasn’t happened recently because he’s physically not ready for one that soon. When he was having stomach issues, I think he waited over twenty days between orgasms. Does that mean he waited over twenty days? I don’t think so. Yes, physically, he didn’t have an orgasm for twenty days. But most of that time he was trying to get his stomach and intestines to stop playing ping pong. He wasn’t thinking about sex. He wasn’t really waiting.

So how long was he waiting? That’s the problem. I have no way of knowing. I’m not sure Lion does either. If there was one day in the middle of all the turmoil that Lion felt horny, does that start the clock? Or is that day just counted as a day along with the random Tuesday he felt a little better or the following Saturday that he thought he might get lucky? It will be incredibly hard to quantify things.

The other problem, which isn’t really so much a problem as an observation, is that some ten-day waits are worse than others. I don’t know if it’s hormones, the amount of reading he’s done, the way the planets align or what, but sometimes Lion is hornier than other times. Sometimes he wants an orgasm. Sometimes he really wants an orgasm. And sometimes he really, really wants an orgasm. After some waits, he’ll say, “Well, it was an X day wait.” Yes, but for three of those days, he didn’t care. Does that make it a seven day wait? It’s a little too subjective to fully figure out. And, in the end, does it really matter? We’re not going for the record or anything. I just frustrate him for a few days (sometimes more) and give him an orgasm. Done.

The thing that was important to me over this past week was making up for the ruined orgasm he had. We hate those. Lion told me not to worry about it, but I wanted to do a reset to his system. I know it sounds silly. I just wanted, I don’t know, to apologize to his body for the less-than-stellar orgasm. Of course, there have been other orgasms along the way that were less than stellar, but I don’t normally cause them. I mean, I cause the orgasm, but the lack of stellar-ness is not my fault. When it is my fault, I feel the need to correct it. Consider it an I’m-sorry-your-dinner-was-not-to-your-liking-so-I’ve-taken-it-off-the-bill situation. I basically made up for crappy service.

Thank you for your patronage.

Damn NFL draft! I hadn’t counted on it foiling my plans for Zapardy! I have no idea how many rounds there are nor how many will be televised. It’s quite possible we’ll have to wait till Monday to play our game.

In the meantime, I am currently warming the wax so I can de-fur Lion. He’s been hinting for a week or so that he needs it done. I’ve also noticed the hair on the base of his penis giving me a mustache when I do a blow job. It doesn’t really bother me but it’s a sure sign he needs to be waxed. I’m thinking I’ll do the front today and the flipside tomorrow. I’ll see how ambitious I am before I decide on his legs. I can certainly do from his upper thighs to his neck, minus his arms of course. Depending on my energy level, I can do his legs when I do his back since, thankfully, there’s less hair there.

Just because we didn’t play Zapardy! doesn’t mean Lion didn’t have fun. Actually, he had his fun before Zapardy! was even supposed to be on. I think it’s fortuitous that Lion has somewhat lost interest in handjobs and I’ve found them more difficult to administer than blow jobs. Last year, if you recall, I wanted to bring the number of oral orgasms even with handjob orgasms. I failed miserably. I’m not sure what the numbers are this year but I’d guess I’m closer to 50-50, if not favoring oral. [Lion — So far this year Mrs. Lion has made me come with 5 handjobs and 8 blow jobs!]

We didn’t “play” in Lion’s sense of the word. I might have playfully pinched at his nipples, but I didn’t linger. I simply told him I needed him across the bed and he complied. It would be very silly of him not to comply. I was offering his favorite activity.

I knew we were up there in terms of days since his previous orgasm, but I wasn’t sure if it was day thirteen or fourteen. I wasn’t even sure I was going to give him an orgasm. He’d said he wasn’t sure how he felt about getting one. At least that’s what I read. He was playing semantics with me while I was playing with his nipples. He said he knew exactly how he felt about it. Well, I knew exactly how he’d feel about it in a few minutes. If all went well, he’d be desperate for one.

He said I got him “dangerously close” to an orgasm when I edged him. I knew it was close but if I went too far I wouldn’t have let it be a ruined orgasm. I would have finished him off. It’s rarely fun to let it be ruined. As it turned out, it wasn’t ruined at all. He had a very nice orgasm and I was rewarded with very nice cum. He says it makes sense there would be more because it had been a long time between orgasms. I say there was a lot because of my skillful ministrations. I have no idea which of us is right. It’s possible it has nothing to do with either.

At any rate, Lion is a happy boy and he’ll be even happier after he gets waxed. I think he can stifle his disappointment at missing out on Zapardy! for a few days.

[Lion — Zapardy is a game we play while watching “Jeopardy” on TV. I answer questions along with the contestants. If I get one wrong, Mrs. Lion zaps me with the doggy shock collar. Nothing happened if I get one right.]