What’s The Lion Weather Today?

Enforced chastity has made the state of my libido a daily topic of conversation. Mrs. Lion inquires as to my level of horniness. Sometimes it’s in the form of the lion weather report. It can range from icy to tropical. On that scale I’ve been “cool” for the last week or so. There’s no question that I’m not broken, but my interest isn’t very high. That means I can be aroused and edged, but will lose interest after a couple of trips to the brink of orgasm. This worries me a little. I know from past history that the lion weather will warm up in a week or two. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I am at my usual level of sexual frustration.

With Mrs. Lion and I writing daily posts, very little about my behavior and sex life remains private. It’s part of what we share. In a vanilla marriage do wives regularly inquire as to the sexual interest of their husbands? I don’t think so. After dinner does she ask, “Are you horny today, dear?” The entire concept of a couple habitually taking each other’s sexual temperature is something most people never think about. Even if they do, there are good reasons they won’t want to actually do it. For one thing, If a wife asks her husband for his sexual temperature, he will assume it is an invitation for sex as soon as possible. If he asks her, she will think he wants sex and is using this question to start “getting her in the mood.” The assumption is always that an inquiry about sexual interest implies sexual activity. In most relationships this question is never purely informational.

When a couple practices enforced chastity, discussion of sexual interest is almost always informational. If Mrs. Lion wants to know how horny I am, there is no implied sexual activity attached to the question. I know that no matter how hot the lion weather, I’m not getting an orgasm until Mrs. Lion decides it’s time. Similarly, if I ask Mrs. Lion for her weather report, it’s never for me to start having sex with her. It’s most likely to find out if she might like me to please her.  If the lioness temperature is hot, I still have to ask her if she would like me to help her cope with the heat.

The fact that we can discuss our sexual climate without an implied contract to have sex, allows us freer communication. It is absolutely possible to be horny but still not interested in getting off. Most couples have to be very careful about intimate conversations because discussion of sexual interest is always interpreted as an expectation for physical activity.

Enforced chastity separates action from discussion. It teaches the caged male not to expect sexual satisfaction during verbal and physical sexual communication. The majority of occasions that Mrs. Lion sexually excites me, do not end in an orgasm. I’ve learned that talking about arousal and direct stimulation from my lioness doesn’t indicate I will be satisfied.

This is a fearful prospect to many people who don’t practice enforced chastity. The loss of sexual control appears a negative on its face. But I’ve learned that enforced chastity is a positive for both of us. It’s true that I don’t get to ejaculate when I want, even if I want it very badly. But I get something valuable in return for my loss of freedom. I get the ability to talk about our sexual relationship without any of the assumptions other couples make. Mrs. Lion can discuss all this with me without feeling she is signing a sexual contract.

We’ve learned that we can talk (and write) about the intimate details of our relationship freely. Mrs. Lion can tease me to the edge of orgasm over and over without being concerned that I will be angry if she doesn’t make me come. A  new world of communication has opened to us. The price of admission is a small sexual surrender on my part, I’m very happy I did it.



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    Using your weather chart sometimes you need a good winter or cold spell to have a great spring and a super summer. She could also be asking how you are to keep you on the edge of your seat or she just might want to take care of her caged lion. In my case it would be to keep me sexual frustrated so I would do my part on making her very happy in all that I do so at some point and that does not come often I my be on the receiving end.

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