Looking Forward to the Weekend

I’m not better. Last night I was coughing more than sleeping. Today I’m still coughing and now I’m really tired, too. I’m concentrating on getting one more task done and I’ll head home. I’m sure I’ll feel better once I’m under the warm comforter, snoozing away.

Despite the fact that we got a late start and both Lion and I were tired, I managed to edge him a few times before Mr. Weenie lost inflation. Lion said it’s proof that he’s broken. I say the fact the he got hard and I was able to edge him is proof he’s not broken. He won’t be happy till he’s super horny again. Me either!

Lion also complained about the cage. When he’s not horny, he doesn’t want to be in the cage. Too bad. I don’t want to be at work when people are stressing me out. An agreement is an agreement. If he can come up with a good enough argument to be wild, I’ll consider it. Until then, he’ll be locked up.

Since I’m struggling to stay awake, I’ll make this post pathetically quick. By this weekend, I’m hoping we’re both over our colds and we can spend time playing. I need to do some manscaping, we need to play and I’m going to make sure Lion is not broken anymore. I don’t know what I’ll do for him, but he’ll be a horny boy by Sunday night. I hope.