It’s Natural

Pretty much every guy likes to reach down and feel the merchandise when he has some privacy. I do. That’s the problem. Things aren’t going my way lately. I must be naked when home. My cage is off to Mature Metal for rethreading the security screw. So, I am cage free and wild. Mrs. Lion has a strict rule about me touching her weenie except for cleaning and peeing.

You can see where this is going. My hand has strayed down for the occasional touch. That is a serious offense and has earned me a spanking. I am very unhappy with that. I’m also not sure I won’t break that rule again by accident. If I had my cage, this topic wouldn’t even come up. I hadn’t given this particular matter much thought until now. For the last three years I have been caged almost all the time. On those rare occasions when I was wild, either we were on vacation and I was under Mrs. Lion’s direct supervision, or I had an orgasm immediately before being left unlocked.

This time it is eleven days since my last orgasm and Mrs. Lion has been teasing me unmercifully every single one of those eleven days. I don’t think I have ever been this horny. Yet, here I am uncaged, naked and alone.

To make things worse, Mrs. Lion is taking punishment seriously. She considers unauthorized touching to be a serious offense. She’s said that I’ve earned a severe spanking. The cherry on this pain sundae is that Mrs. Lion discovered my rubber paddle. This little item is made from solid, slightly flexible rubber. It’s heavy and it isn’t very large. The flex, the weight, and the small hitting zone combine to make this the most painful impact toy I have ever owned. She used it on Friday night and I could still feel the results Saturday afternoon.

When I complain about my situation, Mrs. Lion has taken to telling me that this was all my idea. She mentions my posts when I said that the two day waits I got prior to this, were too short. She also likes to remind me that I didn’t suggest how long I should wait. She doesn’t mention that she doesn’t care how long or short I think my waits should be. Currently, she finds my sexual distress very amusing. That doesn’t bode well for an orgasm in my near future. But, you can never tell what Mrs. Lion will do.

I’ve also written about my need for more severe punishments. She likes to remind me of that too. Even though I am dreading my next spanking, I know I was right to encourage her to hurt me more. Combine her new willingness to cause me maximum pain with a rule that insists I stop  doing something that is second nature to us males, and you have a perfect storm of lion agony. Until I am back in a cage or I get an orgasm, it is very likely that I will be touching her weenie. Well, I think that I will. Who knows? Maybe punishment will train me to keep my paws off. Fat chance.



  1. Author

    It is always dangerous to be an uncaged Lion.

  2. Author

    Frankly I think your wife is correct both in ramping up the punishment and leaving the cage off.A cage is OK in the beginning when a man is first being trained to not masturbate. But what a woman wants is for her guy to learn the self discipline to obey her when the cage is off and he is free to disobey. Obedience means nothing to me if he has no choice. But it means everything if he is free to disobey and chooses instead to heed my wishes

    1. Author

      We agree about ramping up the punishment. The cage for us is far more than a device to keep my paws off her weenie. It is a symbol of our power exchange and it is a key part of a daily ritual where it comes off and I get teased. Whether I am caged or not, I will not masturbate. I might sneak a quick feel, but never turn myself on enough to get an erection.

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    As the spouse of a woman who is so not into your lifestyle, much to my frustration, your ‘want’ list seems somewhat selfish.
    You have given up certain freedoms and privileges but still want a choice. I am sorry but in my book that is totally Mrs. Lions choice, even if it is not what you want.Even if she makes a wrong decision,it has to be HER decision.YOU made the choice, now stand by it.
    I know I speak as a guy who isn’t able to be in a similar situation, again much to my frustration, but I would expect to have no choice. You cannot have your cake, and eat it!
    Love the blog, so jealous.

  4. Author

    I’ve never seen anyone so thoroughly engineer their own demise.

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