Long Enough

Lion thinks I took it easy on his punishment last night. I really was trying to give him something to think about. I didn’t care if it bruised. I just wanted the sting to last a while. Based on his screams into the pillow and his dark red butt, I thought I did my job. After a little while he said he’d gotten off easy. He’d imagined a much more severe punishment heading in his direction. In fact, he’d emailed me in the afternoon saying he was dreading it. Oh well. Can’t win them all.

Lion was also sure he wouldn’t get an orgasm on punishment night. The two have never been mutually exclusive. I can’t tell you if he’s ever had an orgasm on punishment night before or not, but I’ve never said he couldn’t have one. He said it sends mixed signals. I don’t see it. He deserved punishment, therefore he doesn’t deserve an orgasm? Is withholding the orgasm for one more night supposed to be more punishment? If that were the case, then shouldn’t play be off limits?

I see them as two separate entities. A punishment early in the evening and then we’re done with that portion of the program. Any play that happens afterwards is another portion of the program. Act two, if you will. I won’t say we’ve always done it this way, but play was never called off because of punishment. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to punish him until I’ve started playing with him. In those cases I either wait until after play or postpone the punishment.

At any rate, Lion was a lucky boy last night. Not only was punishment (unintentionally) lenient, but he got his long-awaited orgasm. I know, poor Lion. He had to wait an entire eleven days for an orgasm. Boo hoo hoo. Doesn’t your heart just bleed for him? In all fairness, Lion doesn’t normally have to wait very long for an orgasm. It’s really only when he “complains” about having too many orgasms in too short a time that I make him wait any length of time. And that’s just to prove a point. When he has to wait a long time (by his standards) he starts to complain about having to wait too long. There’s just no pleasing him.

I hope Lion slept well last night. And now he’ll have a better shot at keeping his paws off my weenie. There’s no need to touch it if it doesn’t need attention. I bet he’ll still be tempted.