Lion was surprised that I wasn’t going to punish him last night for his weekend infractions. Monday night is punishment night, but he says I’ve been punishing closer to the infraction lately. I’m not sure I have. I know I gave him his swats the night he did things a few times, but not always. I haven’t really been keeping track.

He was also surprised that he didn’t get an orgasm last night. He was sure, given it was Sunday night, that he’d get to come. I’m not sure what Sunday night has to do with anything, but he was wrong. As I’ve told my poor Lion for the past week or so, he was unhappy with the two orgasms two days apart and he asked me to make him wait longer. He never stipulated how much longer “longer” is so here we are. Of course, he really has no say in how much longer “longer” is. I do. I just don’t think it’s been longer yet.

Lion decided last night that he shouldn’t have an orgasm on punishment night. He says it sends mixed signals. Really? Says who? Couldn’t the orgasm happen because he took his punishment like a man and didn’t try to get away? I guess not because so far Lion shows no sign of being able to take a punishment without trying to get away and I don’t see that ending tonight. Maybe he’ll surprise me tonight. But it doesn’t matter since he doesn’t think he should get an orgasm on punishment night. The silly boy really does need to learn to keep his mouth shut.

With the cage on its way back to Mature Metal, Lion has been having some trouble keeping his hands off of my weenie. He suggested wearing the training collar so I can zap him if he touches. He’s very aware of his behavior when the collar is on so there was no need to zap him. Except I wanted to zap him. So I did. He jumped a foot off the bed. Those zapper tips really do make close contact with his skin.

So now Lion won’t get his orgasm tonight whether I was going to give him one or not. He has no idea how much longer he has to wait. All he knows is that he’s going to get his punishment swats tonight. Let’s see what other brilliant ideas he has to delay his orgasm.