Eat Your Broccoli

Last night both of us were itching. In my case it is probably the dog. She’s off for a bath today, which will make things better for me. I’m not sure why Mrs. Lion was scratching too. In any case, she took mercy on me and let me stay wild. Dealing with the men’s room was far easier with the cage off. It’s no shock that life without a chastity device is much simpler. I enjoyed my brief freedom.

Last night I almost made it past a punishment day without anything on my list. Dinner was my downfall. I got some stir fry on my shirt. Oh well. Mrs. Lion looked way too happy when she saw the evidence of my infraction. I won’t comment further other than to say that I wasn’t happy about it at all.

Even though domestic discipline and for that matter, enforced chastity are integral parts of our lives, there’s nothing wrong with Mrs. Lion having fun in her role as disciplining wife. It seems to me that other wives find amusement at the predicaments that their husbands create for themselves. After all, if you like eating food that’s good for you, so much the better. Like it or not, you eat your broccoli. It’s good for you.

That’s a good analogy for our female led relationship. Mrs. Lion didn’t love the broccoli at first, but she ate it anyway. Over time, she found recipes that actually tasted good. Now she likes it. Ok, I admit it. While there are times when I truly hate what happens to me, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It seems odd to me that even though I hate being spanked and constantly wearing a chastity device can be tiring, I am very happy. Don’t get me wrong. When Mrs. Lion gets out a paddle and tells me to roll over, I want to get as far away as I can. But all I do is groan a bit, roll over, and bury my face in a pillow. When I am driving to work and my cage works itself into a position that pinches, I imagine using my emergency key to relieve the discomfort. But I don’t. I know that enforced chastity changed our physical relationship.

As Mrs. Lion gets more and more enjoyment out of her role, I become more aware of mine. Her pleasure signals me that what we are doing isn’t just because I want it. Mrs. Lion is learning to like broccoli.

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    We have an emergency key but it is kept at home. When I am out and about or at work I have no recourse and no ability to take the cage off. One day a week I am allowed to bring the emergency key with me to work as I play ice hockey and can’t safely do that with the cage on. I guess I never thought you would carry your emergency key with you. Personally I wouldn’t want the temptation.

    1. Author

      My emergency key is in a metal pill container sealed with tamper-evident, serial-numbered labels. Mrs. Lion regularly checks my key chain where the case is attached. My key

      1. Author

        Mrs Lion is so clever! Where can I find those stickers?

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    I’m a newbee , and Were start playing a little ….
    You name mens dressroom ….Are you goin places like that, ala a swimhall or other with your cage on – and how are you doin that ?

    1. Author

      I suspect this is a machine translation from German. I never wear my cage places where I have to undress in public like a locker room. I mentioned the men’s bathroom at work. I use the urinal there. It is private enough to allow me to unzip and take out my cage, balls and all, and then pee.

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    We use a small padlock now to lock the Jail Bird. I don’t have an emergency key so if I really had to get out, then it would involve a trip to the hardware store to get something to break the padlock.

    A few months ago we went away for a romantic weekend and would you believe my wife forgot the key! She decided the first thing we should do was to find a hardware store to buy some equipment and a new padlock just in case…

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      For some time I didn’t have an emergency key. I admit I like it that way. We learned that we need me to carry a key. I had a doctor’s appointment one afternoon. I drove to the doctor’s office from work. When I pulled into the parking lot I realized I was still wearing the Jail Bird. I called Mrs. Lion from the car and she had to leave work and drive 20 miles to unlock me. Good thing the parking lot wasn’t very busy.

      We both realized that I needed an emergency key. I have one on my key chain. It’s encased in a metal pill container we found at a drug store. I bought tamper-evident, serial numbered labels. Mrs. Lion gave me one to put on the container. If I open it, the label will tear and reveal I had access. I better have written evidence there was an emergency if I use it.

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