cherrykeeper chastity cage
This is the standard Cherry Keeper cage with the 3 mm headlock.

I’ve been wearing a Cherry Keeper chastity device for several weeks. This device is 3D printed. It takes excellent advantage of the opportunities for customization offered by 3D printing. JosieLynn is the designer. He created his devices using CAD software. Unlike other manufacturers, JosieLynn sends his designs to Shapeways, a public 3D printing company. When you order a Cherry Keeper, you’re actually ordering directly from Shapeways.

There is a unique feature available with the Cherry Keeper. JosieLynn calls it the “headlock”. This is a “shelf” inside the cage positioned so that the head of the penis rests on it. His original idea is to make it more difficult to pull out of the device because the shelf will resist. I’m not convinced that this works, however, it turns out to be a wonderful way to perfect the fit.

lion's penis in cherrykeeper chastity device
This is the “short” stock Cherry Keeper. It’s the short cage with the medium headlock feature. So far it’s doing a good job keeping my urethra front and center.
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The Cherry Keeper device is offered in several standard sizes. The headock feature is available on any of them. Headlocks can be ordered in several widths. The wider the shelf the more constricting the cage. I started out by ordering the small Cherry Keeper with the “medium” headlock. This is a modest shelf. The device was comfortable but the fit just didn’t feel right. I contacted JosieLynn and asked about a custom fit.

I was very happy to learn that he would make a custom design for the flat fee of $75 USD. He would create the design and submit it to Shapeways. I would then buy the device from Shapeways in the same way I bought the standard cage. More about ordering, later.

We exchanged messages (Shapeways has a messaging service that is very convenient). He informed me that I would need to provide a series of measurements that are very different from the ones I’m used to making for new chastity devices. He needed the diameter of my penis head. He also needed its length from where it mushrooms to the tip. He also wanted the circumference. Bear in mind penis heads have a flat spot so the circumference isn’t necessarily the diameter times pi. He also needed my flaccid penis length measured from the top; the distance from my abdomen to urethra when I am at my softest. Last, he needed the diameter of my penis shaft just below the head with the loose skin pulled away.

When he got all these measurements, he commented that the small cage I had ordered was too short to contain the entire head of my penis above the headlock. That explained why the fit seems wrong. I wrote him that I was very interested in getting a device that kept my urethra front and center in the opening so that peeing standing up wouldn’t be a problem. He noted that he had an idea about this which involved changing the shape of the cage.

I sent him $75 and we got started. He decided that my custom cage would be longer than the standard to accommodate the true length of my penis head. He designed a headlock just a millimeter wider than my penis shaft. He explained that it would take some work to get into this cage. He changed the angle of the cage in relation to the base ring (I was able to keep the standard base ring). The distance from cage tip to my abdomen would be the same as my flaccid penis length.

new custom cherry keeper chastity device
This is a rendering of my custom Cherry Keeper. Notice the sharp taper. Also note the wide headlock that will keep the head of my penis “locked” inside the cage.

He created the design and I ordered it from Shapeways. When I tried it on, it seemed that the cage was a bit long. My urethra didn’t quite stay in contact with the front of the cage. JosieLynn adjusted the design with a couple of minor tweaks. I ordered the revised cage and it fit perfectly.

You can see that the cage itself is considerably narrower than the standard model. The front opening is lower and conforms nicely to my anatomy. It takes some work and a little lube on the head of my cock to work the head past the headlock. In the beginning it was very difficult for Mrs. Lion to get me in. In fact, between us I managed to scratch the shaft of my penis just below the head.

my penis in the cherry keeper
The custom Cherry Keeper fits perfectly. My urethra remain centered in the opening. The device is supremely comfortable.

Now that she has much more practice, getting me into this cage is simple for Mrs. Lion. She still uses a little bit of silicone lube to make it easier to insert. Once in, the head of my penis rests firmly on the shelf and regardless of whether my shaft is shrinking or growing, the head is locked firmly in position with my urethra nicely centered. This is exactly what I want.

The Cherry Keeper is amazingly comfortable. I’m not aware of the headlock and I feel no pressure or weight from this device. That’s not surprising. It’s made of medical-grade nylon. It’s practically weightless. Until I started wearing the Cherry Keeper, my favorite chastity device was the Jail Bird. Now, that one feels clunky and heavy. Also my urethra tends to wander when I wear it.

I like the way the Cherry Keeper looks. Mrs. Lion prefers the look of the Jail Bird. However, so far she is okay about me wearing the Cherry Keeper. I’m glad because this device is a radical improvement over what can be done with welding equipment and stainless steel wire.

Shapeways offers the Cherry Keeper in a number of colors and in two finishes. 3D-printed things tend to have a rough, sandpaper-like finish. This rough finish is the reason I was unable to recommend the Custom Chastity devices. The one I bought was horrible as I received it. I spent hours sanding and polishing before it was smooth enough to wear comfortably. Even after all that, it’s nowhere near as comfortable as the Cherry Keeper.

Anyway, Shapeways offers a solution for the rough finish: They call it their premium finish. It costs almost twice as much as getting the same piece with the rough finish. It’s only available in white, the natural color of the nylon, because all the other colors are painted on and are removed during the polishing process that the premium finish provides. I can’t recommend more strongly getting the premium finish. It might be nice to have a colored device, but is it worth the irritation the rough finish will give you?

You purchase this device in pieces. You need to order a base ring, which is offered in a wide range of sizes. If your size isn’t shown, send a message to JosieLynn and he will set one up that’s right for you. Base rings are available as oval-shaped or circular. I got the circular ring. Next, purchase the cage. If you are buying a standard cage, you select the size and then select the degree of headlock, if you want one. I selected everything in white with the premium finish. The ring cost $26.45 plus tax and shipping in the premium finish. The small standard cage with a medium headlock and white with the premium finish cost $34.95 plus tax and shipping. My total cost was $72.

Bear in mind that you have to provide your own lock. The Cherry Keeper uses the standard lock that Holy Trainer and other similar devices uses. offers one at a reasonable cost.

Given my experience, I recommend going directly to a custom-made device. It will cost $75 for JosieLynn’s design help. I used the standard ring so that cost $26.45. Because I wanted to tweak it a bit, I bought two cages. Chances are very good you won’t need to do that. JosieLynn sends a link to a custom order page. . The custom cage coat $33.95. It was actually a dollar cheaper than the standard cage.

That puts the total cost for a custom Cherry Keeper at $136.40, plus shipping and tax. If you need the lock cylinder it costs seven dollars. That means for less than $150 you can have a completely customized Cherry Keeper. I think that’s an amazing bargain.

I test a lot of chastity devices. Most of the off-the-shelf products are not good fits and usually poorly designed. The singular exception, other than the Cherry Keeper, is the HT Nub. My Chinese version fits very well and is comfortable. However, even counting my Jail Bird, the custom Cherry Keeper is my favorite. JosieLynn is very easy to work with and spent considerable time revising designs until we had exactly the right chastity device for me. Since JosieLynn wears what he sells, he has excellent understanding of what works and doesn’t work.

penis measuring with the caliper
This inexpensive digital caliper makes it easy to do accurate measurements of your penis. The blades are a bit sharp so be careful. Also avoid squeezing. By pressing a button, you can get the measurements in millimeters.

Measuring tricks
Since the custom Cherry Keeper needs a few new kinds of measurements, I did a little research and ended up buying a very inexpensive digital caliper. It cost just $10. JosieLynn prefers measurements in millimeters.

I don’t know why it me so long to figure out that an inexpensive measuring tool like the digital caliper, could simplify chastity device measuring. When measuring the diameter of the shaft of your penis for the headlock, be sure to keep the loose skin out-of-the-way and measure just under the head. JosieLynn made the hole in the headlock just a millimeter or so wider than the size of my shaft.

With a properly -sized headlock, penis length becomes less critical. Still, it’s wise to measure several times to be sure that you have the shortest normal length. In my case, measuring from the top, it’s about 2 inches.

The Cherry Keeper is an amazingly clever male chastity device. It takes full advantage of the flexibilities permitted by 3D printing. JosieLynn has spent a lot of time working out the best design for this product. I’m very happy with it. It’s become my standard, every-day chastity device. The combination of light weight and incredible comfort make it an irresistible product. The fact that you can get one custom made to your measurements for less than $150 USD, is just frosting on the cake.

My recommendation is to go straight to the custom design. For less than the price of a Holy Trainer, you can have a chastity device made to your specifications. Unlike other 3D-printed chastity devices I’ve tried, this one actually works and is comfortable to wear.



  1. Based on your previous recommendations I bought the Cherry Keeper standard with the medium headlock. It’s the best fit I’ve had yet but I might order a custom like you did. Thanks for your great review.

    1. Author

      glad you like your Cherry Keeper. It’s my favorite device. Good luck!

      1. May you add some information about the daily cleaning. And would you still recommend this device for people with foreskin?

    1. Author

      I love it! It’s the device I am wearing full time. Thanks for working with me!

      1. I wonder if you bought the another guarded version (for shaft skin protection), like you mentioned in your previous posts? Since your pics are down, I have no clue ?

        1. Author

          I got the guard but it wasn’t useful. I’m using the unguarded version.

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