Part of the reason I find it funny when Lion spills food on himself is the look on his face and his silliness in trying to hide the stain. Another part of it is that I feel like I won a point in a game. It’s not because I want to whomp him. It’s similar to the training collar. The look on his face is priceless. He’s so surprised. He could be looking straight at me and know I’m pushing the button and he’ll jump. So far, both just amuse me.

I’m not sure I’ve ever used the training collar for punishment. When we’re out and about, I’m usually the one driving. I can’t mess around with the phone to zap him. And if he’s driving, I wouldn’t want to zap him. When we’re in a store, I’m usually pushing the cart. I don’t really have a free hand for the phone. As far as being able to zap him as the infraction occurs is concerned, there are still obstacles even with the phone app. That’s not to say I won’t figure it out in the future. I just haven’t yet.

Last night we still got a late start on playing. Dinner was delayed which delayed my shower. When I came out of the shower I reminded Lion he hadn’t written a post yet so he went off to do that. It was almost 9 by the time he got his punishment swats. Luckily, almost as soon as I tied up his balls, he was hard. Very hard. Like a horny Lion should be. I did a very good job of edging him, if I do say so myself. He was complaining afterwards because he was dripping pre-cum.

While I edged him, I hatched a little plan. I want to make him wait for an orgasm until we are away on our trip. I think that would make his wait somewhere around fifteen days. That’s not outrageous, but it is one of the longest waits he’s ever had. Right now, the biggest obstacle to that goal is me. I’m the one who gives in. He may want an orgasm very badly, but he can’t do anything about it. I can do something about it and I frequently do even when he hasn’t been waiting long. And, of course, the hornier he gets, the more I want to give him an orgasm. It’s definitely a struggle for me.

I would keep my hands to myself but he needs the attention. And we all know, my hands aren’t the only problem. My mouth gets Lion into trouble too. This will definitely test our willpower.