Lion is feeling a lot better. He may not be 100% yet but I’m not as worried about him. We decided not to take our trip so he can fully recover and we can get him ready for his first day of work. I’m not sure there’s really anything I need to do to help. I think it’s more of a mindset for him. At any rate, driving four hours on a Friday only to turn around and drive four hours on Sunday didn’t seem like a good idea. So I kept my Friday off from work and I’ll go in Monday. In the meantime, we have a three day weekend together.

Lion is feeling a lot better sexually too. He was a horny boy yesterday. He reminded me that it was punishment day and even though I still owe him swats for ending our last punishment session prematurely, I decided to let it go again last night. It’ll catch up to him eventually.

I can’t say I really edged him last night. What I did was take him most of the way there and then left him hanging a few times. For whatever reason I didn’t want to chance a ruined orgasm. I guess that’s silly because my goal was an orgasm and I could easily salvage a ruined orgasm. I just wanted it to be a nice orgasm. What resulted was an orgasm that he enjoyed but produced no yummy creme filling for me. Lion thinks it was because he didn’t drink very much yesterday. It could have been that I didn’t have him excited as I could have. Or maybe it’s a consequence of his not feeling healthy. I’m just glad he had a good time.

Lion has three more days left in his all-you-can-come buffet. I think he’s had an orgasm every four days or so which is right in his comfort zone. It’s his ultimate time frame. Some people who practice enforced chastity may have an issue with how many orgasms Lion gets even under normal circumstances. I bet they think it’s outrageous that I offered him as many as he’d like. For us, it’s never been about how long he can wait, although we did have a few longish waits to test him. As I’m writing this I’m thinking maybe I should concentrate less on his wait times and more on power.

Yes, I know, controlling his orgasms is a form of power. I mean I should become more comfortable with my role. Last night when I came home, Lion announced that he thought we should go out for dinner. Ugh. I just walked in the door. The last thing I want to do is go back out. He said he hadn’t been out of the house in two days, except to take something to the garbage can. I told him that counts. Let’s stay in. But I knew he really wanted to go out. I asked if he had any ideas of where to eat. He gave me a short list and asked me to decide. I narrowed it to two. He still wanted me to decide. In a perfect world I would have no trouble deciding. A or B. It’s not difficult. Ultimately I decided, but I realize what I could have done was narrowed it down and told him to decide. I could have made the decision to make him decide. As stupid as it sounds, that is a decision.

Perhaps Lion needing to get in a particular mindset for work is similar to my getting in a particular mindset for making decisions and being in power. Now that I think about it, 2.0 has been MIA for quite a while. I think she was respecting Lion’s unemployment by staying away. She may be the key to my mindset. I’ll have to start looking for her.

I’ve been seeing blog posts about curing males of the nasty masturbation habit. A great many of these posts are based on an earlier one that posited that when men masturbate, they lose interest in their partners and behave poorly toward them. This “disease” must be cured. At this point the posts diverge. Some suggest punishing the male severely if he masturbates. This “aversion therapy” will train him to keep his hands off his cock. The other school of thought proposes that a chastity device will make masturbation so difficult he won’t do it. In either case the end result is no more male masturbation.

Masturbation isn’t sex. That’s how I always thought about it. When interactive sex wasn’t available, I would jerk off as needed. It was just something to do when horny and no partner was around. Almost all married men masturbate during dry spells. Some masturbate habitually, sometimes several times a day. When Mrs. Lion and I weren’t having sex, I masturbated a couple of times a week.

I proposed enforced chastity. I knew that meant I wouldn’t be able to masturbate any more. The trade off for me was that Mrs. Lion would provide the sexual stimulation I craved. When I asked her to lock me up, I mentioned that I would no longer be able to jerk off. She was surprised. She had no idea I masturbated. I was surprised she didn’t know that I did. Much later, she wrote that she considered masturbation almost as serious as cheating with another woman.

Again, I was surprised. I never considered interactive sex and masturbation to be related, much less that same thing. In my mind, jerking off temporarily sated my horny thoughts. It was more biological than entertaining. But, after I thought about it, I realized that she was right. Masturbation is sex. But it isn’t interactive.

Then I started thinking about female orgasms. Our power exchange puts Mrs. Lion in charge of my sexuality. I don’t have a say in how many orgasms she can have. In our case, that’s not an issue since currently she isn’t interested in sex. But assume she loved to have orgasms, lots of them. Would it be OK if she masturbated alone to have some of them?

The “women” posting about curing the evil, male masturbation habit think so. Apparently it’s cheating for a man to jerk off, but hours of happy alone time with her vibrator is fine for his wife. I recognize that the submissive fantasies surrounding male chastity encourage women to go through dozens of batteries a day pleasuring themselves. Based on my reading, apparently a lot of real people feel the same way.

I have to disagree. While it is fine that my ability to ejaculate is controlled by Mrs. Lion, I don’t think it is acceptable for her to masturbate alone. If it is cheating for me to jerk off, why wouldn’t giving herself solitary sex be infidelity? I think it is. There’s a difference between being in charge and having no rules. There are some things that require both partners to discuss. No matter how it ends up, I think that sexual limits deserve discussion and mutual respect.

You probably noticed the lack of Lion post this morning. While he figured out that the source of his problem was a switch in medication, he was still in no shape to write a post last night. As instructed, however, he stayed in bed all day except for bathroom and food breaks. And to let the dog out. And to let the dog out. And to let the dog out. (She needs a revolving door sometimes.) I was proud of him for listening to instructions. I didn’t even let him help with dinner or cleanup. He went back and curled up in bed to snooze. This morning, I can report that his voice is back to normal and he feels much better.

Needless to say, we didn’t play last night either. I have been lumping edging and orgasms into “play” even though many people consider those to be separate entities. I figure the whole idea of enforced chastity and the ensuing edging is play. It may not be BDSM play, but I am playing with my food, so to speak. I don’t necessarily consider domestic discipline to be play. With the possible exception of the shock collar. That can be for fun or punishment. But punishment is definitely not play. Punishment is to correct a behavior. It needs to be drastically different. Which is probably why I have never really used the shock collar as punishment. Plus the fact that Lion is on his best behavior when he has it on because he doesn’t want his balls zapped.

Tonight we’ll probably at least snuggle. I don’t know if Lion will be up for anything more than that. It’s perfectly fine. He may need a little while to recover from his cough. I don’t want to push him. This may seem like less-than-female-led-marriage behavior, but first and foremost, we are a couple. We take care of each other. My default in any illness is to take care of my Lion, regardless of any other arrangement we have. After all, I have to get him better before I can torture him again.

I know my post is very late today. I was quite sick yesterday. It was strange. I was sleepy, coughing and stuffy, but still didn’t feel like I had a cold or flu. I finally decided it might be the antihistamine I was taking for my dog/summer allergies. So I stopped taking it. Eight hours later I stopped coughing and began feeling much better. So, I figured as far as posts go, better late than never.

We were supposed to go away this weekend with our trailer. Mrs. Lion suggested that it might not be the best idea since I am starting a new job on Monday. I cancelled our reservation. So we will be home and I am feeling much better. This might give us an opportunity for some play. It’s very likely that my lack of interest for the last few weeks was due to the medication. The drug is a generic version of Zyrtec, an over-the-counter allergy drug. I was taking more than one tablet in 24 hours, per my allergist’s instructions. The side effects took hold slowly and I blamed myself for feeling disinterested. I’ve been worrying about my lack of enthusiasm for enforced chastity and FLR. I’s a relief that the cause was external. I hope that this weekend, things can return to normal.

I have been enjoying my time without the chastity device. I like peeing standing up and having access to my penis. I haven’t had any interest in sexually stimulating myself. That’s because I have been conditioned not to touch sexually. Also, my lack of interest in sex and play further reinforced my training. Because I have been wild, there has been no reason for Mrs. Lion to give me nightly unlocks, teases, and relocking me. Even when I wasn’t interested in any sex, the unlocking ritual assured some genital attention every day. With me wild, it’s way too easy for us to ignore that ritual and return to less touching.

This may be something we need to work on. There will be times I can’t be locked into my chastity device. I’m hoping, for example, I can be wild for my first week at work. Two of the days will be spent traveling by air, so I have to wild then anyway. I want to avoid any potential distraction from my first days on the job. OK, I admit I have been wearing the device to work at two companies for well over two years. I don’t need to be wild. I just want to eliminate any possible issue in the beginning.