Sorry I’m Late

I know my post is very late today. I was quite sick yesterday. It was strange. I was sleepy, coughing and stuffy, but still didn’t feel like I had a cold or flu. I finally decided it might be the antihistamine I was taking for my dog/summer allergies. So I stopped taking it. Eight hours later I stopped coughing and began feeling much better. So, I figured as far as posts go, better late than never.

We were supposed to go away this weekend with our trailer. Mrs. Lion suggested that it might not be the best idea since I am starting a new job on Monday. I cancelled our reservation. So we will be home and I am feeling much better. This might give us an opportunity for some play. It’s very likely that my lack of interest for the last few weeks was due to the medication. The drug is a generic version of Zyrtec, an over-the-counter allergy drug. I was taking more than one tablet in 24 hours, per my allergist’s instructions. The side effects took hold slowly and I blamed myself for feeling disinterested. I’ve been worrying about my lack of enthusiasm for enforced chastity and FLR. I’s a relief that the cause was external. I hope that this weekend, things can return to normal.

I have been enjoying my time without the chastity device. I like peeing standing up and having access to my penis. I haven’t had any interest in sexually stimulating myself. That’s because I have been conditioned not to touch sexually. Also, my lack of interest in sex and play further reinforced my training. Because I have been wild, there has been no reason for Mrs. Lion to give me nightly unlocks, teases, and relocking me. Even when I wasn’t interested in any sex, the unlocking ritual assured some genital attention every day. With me wild, it’s way too easy for us to ignore that ritual and return to less touching.

This may be something we need to work on. There will be times I can’t be locked into my chastity device. I’m hoping, for example, I can be wild for my first week at work. Two of the days will be spent traveling by air, so I have to wild then anyway. I want to avoid any potential distraction from my first days on the job. OK, I admit I have been wearing the device to work at two companies for well over two years. I don’t need to be wild. I just want to eliminate any possible issue in the beginning.

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    Glad you are feeling better! Nice to determine the cause and not really be sick. My wife switched vitamins some years ago and both she and our two youngest kids started having health problems. The “inactive” ingredients in the different company’s pills were something that all three of them were allergic to. Problem went away as soon as they stopped taking the different brand.

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