Paging 2.0

Lion is feeling a lot better. He may not be 100% yet but I’m not as worried about him. We decided not to take our trip so he can fully recover and we can get him ready for his first day of work. I’m not sure there’s really anything I need to do to help. I think it’s more of a mindset for him. At any rate, driving four hours on a Friday only to turn around and drive four hours on Sunday didn’t seem like a good idea. So I kept my Friday off from work and I’ll go in Monday. In the meantime, we have a three day weekend together.

Lion is feeling a lot better sexually too. He was a horny boy yesterday. He reminded me that it was punishment day and even though I still owe him swats for ending our last punishment session prematurely, I decided to let it go again last night. It’ll catch up to him eventually.

I can’t say I really edged him last night. What I did was take him most of the way there and then left him hanging a few times. For whatever reason I didn’t want to chance a ruined orgasm. I guess that’s silly because my goal was an orgasm and I could easily salvage a ruined orgasm. I just wanted it to be a nice orgasm. What resulted was an orgasm that he enjoyed but produced no yummy creme filling for me. Lion thinks it was because he didn’t drink very much yesterday. It could have been that I didn’t have him excited as I could have. Or maybe it’s a consequence of his not feeling healthy. I’m just glad he had a good time.

Lion has three more days left in his all-you-can-come buffet. I think he’s had an orgasm every four days or so which is right in his comfort zone. It’s his ultimate time frame. Some people who practice enforced chastity may have an issue with how many orgasms Lion gets even under normal circumstances. I bet they think it’s outrageous that I offered him as many as he’d like. For us, it’s never been about how long he can wait, although we did have a few longish waits to test him. As I’m writing this I’m thinking maybe I should concentrate less on his wait times and more on power.

Yes, I know, controlling his orgasms is a form of power. I mean I should become more comfortable with my role. Last night when I came home, Lion announced that he thought we should go out for dinner. Ugh. I just walked in the door. The last thing I want to do is go back out. He said he hadn’t been out of the house in two days, except to take something to the garbage can. I told him that counts. Let’s stay in. But I knew he really wanted to go out. I asked if he had any ideas of where to eat. He gave me a short list and asked me to decide. I narrowed it to two. He still wanted me to decide. In a perfect world I would have no trouble deciding. A or B. It’s not difficult. Ultimately I decided, but I realize what I could have done was narrowed it down and told him to decide. I could have made the decision to make him decide. As stupid as it sounds, that is a decision.

Perhaps Lion needing to get in a particular mindset for work is similar to my getting in a particular mindset for making decisions and being in power. Now that I think about it, 2.0 has been MIA for quite a while. I think she was respecting Lion’s unemployment by staying away. She may be the key to my mindset. I’ll have to start looking for her.