You probably noticed the lack of Lion post this morning. While he figured out that the source of his problem was a switch in medication, he was still in no shape to write a post last night. As instructed, however, he stayed in bed all day except for bathroom and food breaks. And to let the dog out. And to let the dog out. And to let the dog out. (She needs a revolving door sometimes.) I was proud of him for listening to instructions. I didn’t even let him help with dinner or cleanup. He went back and curled up in bed to snooze. This morning, I can report that his voice is back to normal and he feels much better.

Needless to say, we didn’t play last night either. I have been lumping edging and orgasms into “play” even though many people consider those to be separate entities. I figure the whole idea of enforced chastity and the ensuing edging is play. It may not be BDSM play, but I am playing with my food, so to speak. I don’t necessarily consider domestic discipline to be play. With the possible exception of the shock collar. That can be for fun or punishment. But punishment is definitely not play. Punishment is to correct a behavior. It needs to be drastically different. Which is probably why I have never really used the shock collar as punishment. Plus the fact that Lion is on his best behavior when he has it on because he doesn’t want his balls zapped.

Tonight we’ll probably at least snuggle. I don’t know if Lion will be up for anything more than that. It’s perfectly fine. He may need a little while to recover from his cough. I don’t want to push him. This may seem like less-than-female-led-marriage behavior, but first and foremost, we are a couple. We take care of each other. My default in any illness is to take care of my Lion, regardless of any other arrangement we have. After all, I have to get him better before I can torture him again.