Saturday Night Lights

The Fourth of July had nothing on last night. After covering my balls with clothespins and then edging me numerous times, Mrs. Lion moved to oral attention and asked me if I wanted an orgasm. My answer was, “Nuh Huh!” She then gave me a very intense orgasm. It was wonderful. Coincidentally, yesterday was my “maybe” date. This is a very good weekend, indeed.

It’s been some time since I have looked forward to a date. While I was working under a contract, each passing day caused me dread. I worried that once the money stopped, I wouldn’t find work for months. Once, the contract ended, each day felt like a countdown to disaster. Now that I have a new job, each day moves me a bit closer to my starting date; tomorrow stopped being my enemy.

Now that my future is my friend, the prospect of my next orgasm adds a cheerful sense of anticipation. I wonder how other guys are affected by the length of time they have to wait for the next ejaculation. I know from my own experience that once the wait gets over two weeks, the sense of anticipation fades and is replaced by acceptance of the fact I won’t come. Of course, the edging continues and instead of making my need to come grow, it becomes its own happy sexual conclusion. I look forward to the edging without really thinking about having an orgasm.

Enforced chastity forced me to adapt to a condition that is very unnatural to most men. In the vanilla world, a guy will masturbate if he has no other sexual outlet. As he ages, without active stimulation from a partner, he will eventually just stop masturbating and thinking about sex.

I think that enforced chastity can keep the male sexual fires burning throughout his life. As his refractory time (the time between being able to come) grows, the edging bridges that gap with active sex that keeps him ready for ejaculation when he is able.

The power of teasing is immense. When applied consistently, at least in my case, keeps sex front and center for me. That’s pretty cool.


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    I am 21 days since my last orgasm. And I just get hornier and hornier! The edging drives me wild. And I am likely looking at another 5-6 days minimum before being allowed to cum. I don’t know as it isn’t in my hands–not my decision.

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        Most definitely! But that’s what makes the world go round!

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    Lion, I’m so happy for you about the job!!!

    Concerning travel: Once, while my wife was out of town, I needed to provide emergency service to an out-of-town customer; I was locked in my Lori tube at the time. After waffling a bit, I finally just manned up and went through TSA. Of course it was detected by the metal detector, but I had pre-announced that I was “wearing some substantial body jewelry that could not be removed”, and after a perfunctory pat down that didn’t come close, I was through. On the way back, I elected to go through the millimeter-wave device, on which it *must* have shown, but I was waved through with no additional screening. Having been stopped many times in the past merely for my (admittedly substantial) PA ring, I believe that TSA may now be somewhat better-versed in some “alternative” practices.

    Regardless, if you do need to travel and haven’t already done this, spend the $85 and become a TSA-Pre “known traveler”. This routes you, via a much shorter line, into a separate screening lane which does not require that you remove shoes, laptop, etc. Also, this lane uses a metal detector instead of the millimeter-wave device. With respect to chastity, this means that a plastic device – even with a bit of included metal, such as a small lock – will not be flagged. I now sometimes wear a PA-5000 device in these cases; I expect that there might be some type of device that would work for you also.

    (I understand, Lion, that your relationship has evolved to the point where a physical device isn’t always necessary. Still, I personally find it reassuring somehow to be physically locked up – perhaps you have this feeling too sometimes.)

    On another topic, after a while of no permitted orgasm, I might start to be less driven to achieve one, but I’m not really too sure about that. The longest I’ve gone has been six weeks, and if any time during that my wife would mention something like “You might stand a chance tonight” I would instantly start feeling a powerful anticipation (also known as intense hornyness). I never during that time felt any loss of interest or sexual drive.

    She is very good (for some definition thereof) about teasing me frequently and relentlessly, so I’m sure this contributed significantly during the long chaste period. It sounds like CollaredMichael also experiences this in abundance.

    I’m also not sure about the “he will eventually just stop masturbating and thinking about sex” part… My libido has barely cooled from my forties, if at all, and I’m now getting fairly close to 60. Even left to my own devices, I would be fantasizing and masturbating very regularly, I’m sure. If nothing else, it’s a great and reliable stress reliever.

    Sexuality has always played a prominent part in my wife’s and my relationship, and especially for the last several years (with the addition of male chastity play), this shows no signs of slowing. (I realize that I’m very lucky in this regard.) Even with our active sex life, though, I would still be tempted to masturbate (which doesn’t carry the stigma in our marriage that it apparently does in Lion’s); chastity provides an ideal foil to this, and definitely keeps my interest peaked.

    Again, huge congratulations on your new job!!!

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      I’ve been a Trusted Traveler (similar to TSA Ppre but also works to skip cuatoms and immigration when traveling abroad). I love skipping security lines.

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    Re aging, I think there is an additional benefit, chastity turns a negative, body slowing down, into a positive, a lifestyle choice.

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      I agree. In a very real way it can keep sex alive and active at a time it naturally declines.

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