Cruel and Unusual

I debated right up until the very end whether I would give Lion an orgasm last night. Part of me thinks I should give him more orgasms than he would ever ask for in the all-you-can-come orgasm buffet. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t give him any at all just to show him that he could have had all the orgasms he wanted and he blew it. So I edged him for a while by hand and then I moved down to one of his favorite positions and teased him orally.

And tease him I did. I got him so close I bet he was positive I would keep going. I wasn’t. I was still debating. He was so excited that any movement might have pushed him over. I was very careful. In the end I decided it would be cruel and unusual punishment to make him wait.

However, I still haven’t decided if he’ll get more orgasms. You know me, though. I love giving Lion orgasms. I’m not fooling anyone. He’ll get more. I doubt I’ll push him to have one a day or even one every other day. But he’ll definitely get more. Denying him orgasms also denies me giving him orgasms. That’s a sacrifice I’m just not willing to make.

Lion is also excited about his job. He has a start date. He has his first business trip lined up. And now we start the countdown to the start date. Two weeks at this point. We have to cut one of our trips short by a day so he can get back for his first day. Sadly, that first day of work is August first. Sadly because he unlimited orgasm buffet is set to end on July 31.

I wonder if he’ll have an orgasm on that last day to get him all ready for work. I think he can bet on that.

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    Ask him if he wants the orgasm badly enough to suffer a hard bare spanking immediately after..this is really the acid gtest because that spanking will hurt and not be fun at all.

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