Exactly How He Likes It

Lion didn’t know it, but he wasn’t going to get an orgasm last night anyway. And as it turns out, he wasn’t ready for it. He said he was horny earlier in the day. I guess by the time we adjourned to the bedroom, he wasn’t anymore. Just as well.

As you can imagine, Lion was over the moon about his job. Almost the entire trip here, I heard about the company. For the record, I didn’t know he’d get the offer yesterday. My orgasm buffet was not coordinated with his new job, except for the fact that we knew the offer was coming at some point. Actually, I thought it would be Monday before he heard anything. I guess the company wanted him to have a good weekend.

We are on the Washington coast. It’s usually overcast when we come here. That’s no surprise. I think this weekend it will be overcast and possible rainy the whole time we’re here. So? It’s still beautiful. And we can have adventures. And we’re together.

Lion will have play time today. Depending on our travels, we might even play during the day. We’re on vacation. We can do whatever we want. We haven’t been doing much lately so I bet he’ll enjoy anything we do. Except tiny clothespins, of course.

At any rate, I’ve got plans for him. I don’t exactly know what those plans are at this point, but something will happen to Lion today. Will that include an orgasm? That’s for me to know and him to find out. I may just edge him for a few more days. If he had accepted his all you can eat orgasm buffet graciously he’d have a say in it. But, as you know, he thought that was taking back power. So now he doesn’t have a right to know. And I guess that’s exactly how he likes it.