Ejaculation And What Follows

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I had a “salvaged” orgasm. In her enthusiasm to get me to the very brink of ejaculation, she went a stroke too far and the dreaded ruined orgasm was starting. She gave me a “uh oh” look and went back to stroking and allowed me to have a better time than I would have if she remained hands-off.

The male orgasm, while it only takes a few seconds, is a very complex physiological process. While it has been studied extensively, I am not aware of any studies covering what happens when an orgasm is interrupted and then resumed. When I talk about male “orgasm,” I’m actually referring to what happens when ejaculation is triggered. When the brain decides it’s time to ejaculate, the various fluids are sent into the urethra in a sequence that lasts at least two seconds before it starts to emerge. A ruined orgasm is produced when the penis is stimulated sufficiently to trigger that sequence and then the stimulation stopped.

It’s surprisingly easy to produce this. Essentially, once the brain decides to pull the trigger, absence of stimulation won’t entirely stop the process. Depending on the individual, when the stimulation stops, the ejaculatory activity might stop after releasing only a little semen. Or, in some cases, will complete releasing all the available liquid. If only part of the ejaculate has been expelled, the male can be convinced to ejaculate again in a fairly short time. If it is all gone, so is his interest in sex until more fluid can be produced.

Most of the pleasure we males associate with ejaculation occurs after the ejaculatory process has started. That’s why a ruined orgasm doesn’t feel very good. In my case, I’ve been stimulated to the maximum. I’m physically and emotionally ready to feel my orgasm. Suddenly the stimulation stops. In normal edging, I feel disappointed that there isn’t more, but I’m not surprised. If Mrs. Lion went a bit too far, when she stops stimulating my penis, I feel an almost-painful sensation near my hip and I feel as though a sexual door has slammed shut. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s not pleasant and I’m usually not aware of the semen that drips from my penis. Ruined orgasms don’t generally include the normal orgasmic pressure with which the fluid is released. Some men will “squirt.” I don’t. I just ooze for some time just to add to the lack of fun.

It is a little surprising to me that almost all the pleasure of an orgasm comes after ejaculation. I always imagined that the sensations occurred at the same time as ejaculation. But, yesterday’s salvaged orgasm clearly illustrated that the real fun of coming follows the start of semen release. It makes sense when you think about it. The ruined orgasm takes advantage of the delay between ejaculation and actual male orgasm. Edging, similarly stops stimulation before the ejaculatory process begins. Both are sexually disappointing. That’s why both are useful for teasing us poor, helpless males.