We are now back to our routine; sort of. Lion wasn’t up for playing last night. That’s perfectly fine. If it was in my nature (i.e. I whomped Lion for my own pleasure) I might have an issue with his not being in the mood to play. Since our play is for his “amusement”, I don’t have any problem taking my cues from him. Some people might have a problem with it, saying he’s topping from the bottom. Too bad. First of all, they are not in this relationship. Second, there is no right way to do enforced chastity or female led relationship. We’ve got our own version of both. Lion is still chaste. I am still in charge.

Lion got a haircut yesterday. Nope. He didn’t ask for permission. He is autonomous for things like that. He also doesn’t have to ask for permission to put gas in his car or what to have for lunch when we’re not together. I do not micromanage him. I’d hate that and it would annoy him to no end. He did, however, ask me if the dinner he was thinking of was OK with me. Haircuts and gas do not affect me unless I have to go rescue him because he ran out of gas. Dinner affects me. I never really thought about it until just now, but I think that’s a good way to think about it. If it will affect me, he should ask for permission. (I still don’t mean micromanaging things like showers and taking out the trash. He and the house would be stinky if he waited to ask for permission for those things.) Things like spending more than maybe $100 on something nonessential, tickets to see something I don’t necessarily want to see (opera, etc.), inviting people over for the weekend, etc. These are not things I would necessarily say no to. I just want to be aware of what’s going on. Does that mean he can’t surprise me with something? Nope. Birthday, Christmas, etc. presents are exempt from the spending limit.

Anyway, those are our rules. They don’t apply to anyone else. It doesn’t mean they’ll never change. Life is constantly changing. Enforced chastity and female led relationship should too.