Salvaged Orgasm

I’d like to say this morning was the earliest I’ve been awake in a week, but I was awake the other day at 6:30 to take the dog out. Before we even left, I told Lion I wanted him to take the dog out more often on our trips. Even at home she defaults to me. For some reason I open the door better, I guess. Lion did take her out a few times, but I was still the primary dog walker. It’s true that he’s normally naked, but even when he’s not, I wind up taking her out. I think a rule change is in order. There’s no reason I should be the only one with the awesome job of scooping poop.

As Lion said, we’ve had some issues with our blog. It completely missed my post the other day. Don’t worry. It wasn’t anything earth shattering. I think I said I was going to make sure we played while we were away. And then we didn’t. However, the hornier Lion made sure we played last night. Even though it was late. He gave me that sideways look and I knew it was on.

I’ve decided to create a new category of orgasms. We already have scheduled, bonus, ruined, and now I’ll add salvaged to the list. This is an orgasm that happened because I went too far but I didn’t want to leave Lion hanging with a ruined orgasm so I restarted stroking to finish it off with a full orgasm. I wasn’t going for an orgasm. I certainly wasn’t going for a ruined orgasm. We both hate those. But I got a little overzealous and started the process. If I realize it in time I’d rather take him the rest of the way.

I guess I think of ruined orgasms as sort of a punishment. I don’t know if they actually hurt, but they don’t look like fun. And they don’t seem to serve any purpose. There’s no real release. They’re just annoying. I see them as a failure to stop in time. I’ve screwed up. I’ve gone too far. Me. I did it. Lion suffers the consequences of my wrongdoing. That’s not fair. I’m not sure I’d ever use them as an actual punishment. I just don’t like them. Period.

The problem with last night’s salvaged orgasm is that it resets everything. Lion didn’t feel like playing while we were gone anyway. Was the because I gave him his orgasm early in the trip? Was it because he doesn’t like playing while we’re away? I don’t know. In his post he said he didn’t want to tell me he didn’t feel like playing. When I asked him why he said it was because I said it was up to me to decide when we play. Well, yes. But what I said first was that Lion should remind me he wants to play. Then I said I shouldn’t rely on him to tell me. I should put on my big girl panties and do it without a reminder. I didn’t say he couldn’t tell me he didn’t want to play. That may not stop me from unlocking him and fondling. I’ll probably still do that unless he has a sore spot. That’s just part of snuggling. I’d rather have Lion tell me if he’s not up for play. If I know ahead of time I can change the agenda from play to snuggle. And if snuggle is too much, then we can hold hands.

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    This is an interesting concept. I am usually brought to and slightly over the edge to what would be considered a ruined orgasm during intercourse. Orgasm control is up to me at that point and I have ruined my own when I didn’t have permission. My wife cares less about my orgasm denial than I do and she has told me that rather than ruin it for my self, if I am past control, to let loose and have a full, or I guess we can now call it a salvaged orgasm.
    Yes, it resets everything, and that is why I really try to not allow myself to cum.

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