I Don’t Love Him That Much

Yesterday I told Lion he’s easier to deal with when he’s horny than when he thinks he’s broken. He wondered why. I think it’s because it requires very little effort to get him aroused. When he thinks he’s broken he’s sort of depressed and even getting a smile out of him is difficult. He thought it might be because he is more attentive when he’s horny. Nope. He doesn’t turn into the sniveling little peon of internet legend. He’s just a happy, if somewhat frustrated, Lion.

Last night we couldn’t find the collars we were looking for. Lion thinks he might have gotten rid of them when we were no longer playing. That’s too bad. He had a nice leather one and a red nylon one that was more comfortable. Both had tags with his name on them along with my cell phone number to “report if naughty”. Of course, he very rarely ever wore them out of the house so no one would have seen the tag anyway, but it was fun. I did find the Christmas collar with jingle bells on it and he found two other collars. One locks on with a padlock and the other is very wide. For last night’s festivities I used the jingle bell collar because it’s nylon and more comfortable. I only want him feeling the pain I want him feeling.

Once he was handcuffed to his collar, I brought out the goodie bag of toys. I told him he was trapped and I could do anything I wanted to him. That’s almost always true anyway, but just saying that made Mr. Weenie jump to attention. I tried the tiny clothes pins in different areas but it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped so I abandoned that idea. Instead I used the wooden clothes pins with the sand paper on his balls. I also put regular wooden clothes pins on his boobies. He hates when I call them his boobies. Men don’t have boobies, he says. If I want to call his penis his man clit, I will do it. He has boobies for the purposes of pinching the nipples. So there!

I edged him several times, something I haven’t been able to do much lately. I got him very close quite a few times. When I was done with him I removed the clothes pins and took off the restraints. He was mumbling about being hornier than when we started. I think that’s the point. Duh! And when we were snuggling later on, I said I love him. He said if I really love him, I’d give him an orgasm. I surprised him by telling him I don’t love him that much. (Of course I do. I was only joking to see what he’d say.) So now I have a horny Lion again and I love it.

This morning he told me he was trying to get hard when he woke up. Perfect!


  1. Author

    Sounds like if you keep this up you will have a very happy Lion.

  2. Author

    Matha says 3 days. 4 if I’m really down. Yeah 4 days of t n d I’ll commit to just about anything. Thank god she knows my limits. Lion’s baack!

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