Lion’s second Box O’Fun selection. Tied to the bed with bonus plastic clothes pins. Click image for an enlarged view.

To be helpful, Lion ordered two boxes for the Box O’Fun. One will hold the cards to be chosen and the other will hold the dead cards. I hadn’t had time to give it much thought but I knew we needed something. Since he told me he ordered the boxes I have an idea of what I’d like and I’ll see if our visions match when the boxes get here.

Yesterday I went for a wonderful mammogram appointment. Yay. It was a follow up from an earlier mammogram. They don’t think there’s a problem but they wanted to check out an area of interest. I’m glad someone is interested in my boobs but I don’t really want to go back in six months for another mammogram and ultrasound.

Anyway, when I got back from that adventure Lion wondered if he should pick a card for the evening’s festivities. Why not? We decided he shouldn’t know what he’d picked. His first card was “Tied to the Bed” plus another selection. From that he already knew he was either being tied up in some fashion or blindfolded. His bonus selection was plastic clothes pins. I let out an evil laugh, put the tied up card back in the fun box and the clothes pins card in the dead envelope.

We went out to dinner and Lion wondered what he’d selected. He wasn’t sure if it was better to know or not know. He wondered if it was better to select far in advance or closer to the time of torture. He knew there’d be bondage of some sort involved but that second card…. It could be good. It could be bad. Was my evil laugh real or was I just starting the torture ahead of time? Damned uncertainty! I think he finally decided it was better not to know. As long as he didn’t know, Schroedinger’s cat was both alive and dead. I certainly wasn’t going to give him any hints.

We were stuffed from dinner so we lounged for a bit watching TV. No iPad. (I want credit for that.) [Lion – I’m very proud of you, sweetie!] And then I went to search for the cuffs and straps to tie Lion to the bed. I found two straps. I was about to suggest I cuff his hands to the bed and his feet together but he insisted the other straps had to be around somewhere. Translation: we have to find them. I was the only one looking. So I dove back into the avalanche of our spare bedroom and, after throwing things around a bit, found the other two straps. Then I had to crawl around to attach them to the eye bolts on the bed.

Lion made a comment that if it was upsetting me we should just forget about it. No, no. We’re doing it.

When I finally got him strapped down I pulled the baggie of tiny clothes pins out of the bag of tricks and he groaned. “You’re kidding!” His first pick had been Icy Hot. It seemed only fitting that his second pick would be the damn tiny clothes pins. But I was just torturing him a little longer while I got Mr. Weenie excited. And excited he was. After all, Lion was tied up. One of his favorite things even if there may be tiny clothes pins involved.

Finally I let Lion off the hook. No tiny clothes pins. Only big plastic clothes pins. He said they were just as bad. There were only about seven plastic clothes pins in my bag of tricks. Lion didn’t have to take as many as I might have been willing to give him but they still hurt like hell. I yanked a few off as I got him almost to the edge. Then I yanked a few more off as I got him to the edge. He grimaced each time. Poor thing.

Tonight when he chooses I don’t know if he’ll want to know what he got or not. I’m also not sure if he should choose ahead of time or not. It’s all very fluid at this point until we work it out.


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