Nasty Little Suckers

Per Lion’s request, we are on a million tiny clothes pin march. Well, not a million. But we are trying to load the head of his cock with tiny clothes pins. Nasty little suckers that hurt just to look at them. I can’t remember where I found the original ones. I think they are for doll houses. Lion always likes to go to Home Depot and other stores for play ideas. That’s where I found the Velcro. To me it seemed like a suitable way to wrap his cock. At the time I wasn’t thinking of the tiny teeth biting into his skin. I was after it for the bondage properties. The tiny teeth are a happy bonus. And the tiny clothes pins were just an addition to the regular clothes pins we were already using.

Lion has a paint can full of wooden clothes pins. That’s what we started with. Somewhere along the line we added plastic clothes pins. They are stronger so they hurt more. Then I added no slip tape to some of the wooden clothes pins. This makes them bite in more. We do have some wimpy clothes pins that I bought because they have flowers on them. I figured a Lion needs flowered clothes pins on his balls every once in a while just to show that Lions have a softer side too. I forget how many clothes pins he’s had on him at once. He looked like a porcupine. But he’s never had many of the tiny ones on at one time.

The idea is to get the tiny things all the way around the head of his cock. I don’t know how long that will take. So far he’s only had two on at once. That’s a lot. Plus, the other night, instead of putting them on, I decided to just pinch the head with my fingers. It had the same effect, but obviously I didn’t hold on for as long as they do. That’s ok. I’m just trying to toughen him up. Like when I give his balls love taps. I have to get him used to the pain gradually. If I did it all at once he wouldn’t be able to handle it. But he will. Eventually.