I am wearing my shock collar. This is the third day in a row that I am wearing it. I’m not sure if Mrs. Lion likes that I’m wearing it or if she is doing it because she knows I like to feel her control. You may not know it, but I regularly evaluate products that I don’t review here. For example, the specific shock collar that I am wearing is a modified Petsafe collar that uses a cellphone app to control it. It’s expensive but convenient. The drawback is that Bluetooth only has a range of about 35 feet.

The cell phone-controlled collar is perfect for use at home. In stores and other public places, I can wander off too far for the signal to reach me. The tradeoff is the convenience of not needing a separate remote. Mrs. Lion can correct me in public without worry that other people might wonder what she is doing.

Any shock collar has to be modified to fit around the cock and balls. I haven’t seen one that will adjust to the small size needed for our purpose. The strap has to be radically shortened. With many shock collars, this is a problem. All are made with a fixed-length end and an adjustable one. I haven;t found a collar that has a short enough fixed end to work.

Many of the less expensive collars are made of plastic. The better-quality ones have a woven collar. They are the only kind that will fit well. The plastic material is very difficult to shorten. it’s too stiff to tighten around my cock and balls. The woven material is soft and works well. We cut off the standard buckle on mine. Mrs. Lion sewed velcro on the ends of the shortened collar. That provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Most collars are one-piece. The material is threaded through fittings on the receiver, and holes are cut for the contacts. We adjusted the collar’s length and drilled new holes for the contacts. The contacts screw in. They are easy to remove. If you make the holes in the collar small enough, the contacts will hold the collar in place when screwed back in.

The whole process of adapting the collar took less than an hour. It was a fun family project. I’m currently on the hunt for another shock collar that uses a separate transmitter with a lot of range. We can use that model for shopping and other occasions when I might wander out of Bluetooth range.

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  1. Mine has a range of 100+ metres—apparently! We’ve never tested it at that distance though. I will confirm that I can be reached anywhere on our property though! lol

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion likes to be able to call me when we are in Costco and I wander off.

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