Power Of The Penis

This is probably the worst time for me to write a post like this. I am extremely horny and my imagination runs wild when in this state. OK, you’ve been warned. I’ve been thinking about Mrs. Lion’s latest declaration. She said that she likes it better when I am very horny. I asked her why. She said that I get hard almost immediately and I am very easy to tease. I asked if there were any changes in my non-sexual behavior. She said I whine more. I commented that extra whining must be annoying to her. She replied that she didn’t say she doesn’t like that kind of whining.

She’s decided to continue withholding orgasm until she feels the time is “right”. That’s a very hot thought to me. I really like her decision. I take it to mean that when stimulating me gets more difficult, she may consider giving me an orgasm to start the ball rolling again. That’s just my interpretation, not a fact.

I’ve also been thinking about putting a “price” on orgasm when she decides it might be time. It could be having me accept 50 fast punishment swats without moving. If I move, sorry we will try again another time. Or, it could be holding a number of tiny clothespins on head of my penis for a period of time. When I suggested that maybe there could be a price on orgasm, her reply was, “You’ll just say you will wait.”

That’s been true up to now. But she never pushed me hard enough to find out if there is a time I will make a painful trade. Or maybe the price can go down the longer I wait. In any case it may provide some additional amusement for Mrs. Lion.

One of the blogs I regularly read, “Real Women Don’t Do Housework“, had an interesting post about motivation. It’s a brilliant idea on how to avoid whining and arguing about chores or other decisions.  It uses the desire for release to control practical matters in a very humane way.

I realize that when I consider motivation for me, it is always the threat of painful punishment. In my mind I see the ability to give me pain as a strong statement of power over me. Of course it is, but an even stronger statement is made when my lioness shows sexual control. Edging me is very pleasurable, but it also makes the strong point that no matter how much I want release, I won’t get it unless Mrs. Lion decides she wants me to have an orgasm.

Impromptu edging, just once to make a point, as “Real Women Don’t Do Housework” suggests, not only sends a powerful message, it uses male hormones to produce an amicable result to a situation that could have been unpleasant. Since I am always locked in a chastity device, that spur-of-the-moment edging requires removing at least my cage. The ring can remain on. That’s a logistical problem for us since my key is in a lion-proof strong box under the bed. That can be too much trouble for Mrs. Lion. I had a thought about that. Maybe we could put the key on a necklace that she could wear when she is up and about at home. Other times it could go back into the strong box.  Alternatively, she could let me run wild when we are alone together and both awake.

With the ability to use either the paddle or the penis as a way of modifying my behavior, I think that Mrs. Lion has a lot more opportunity for control. I think it is very interesting that edging sends two messages: It is the most pleasurable sensation a male can enjoy other than full orgasm, and the fact that the orgasm is withheld sends a very strong message about who has the power. I guess we are truly able to be led around by our cocks if the right technique is applied


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    Interesting post on motivation. I think there certainly is something to be said for this and while RWDDH [“Real Women Don’t Do housework”] takes things to one side of where the pendulum swings, it’s not without some measure of merit. I think I might just have to write more on this idea… thanks for the post! 🙂

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