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We are back on the “Give the lion less orgasms” regime. I don’t get a vote, but if I did I would vote for the more frequent ejaculations; at least for a while. As I wrote yesterday, sex for me doesn’t include ejaculation anymore. When I actually get to come it is always a very welcome surprise. Because Mrs. Lion has no interest in orgasms, we haven’t had a chance to consider the logical next step in male sexual retraining: post-ejaculate sex.

Most caged males regularly provide orgasms to their keyholders (and perhaps others the keyholder authorizes) without ejaculating themselves. Providing sex is an activity that doesn’t require reciprocation. That is the conditioning I discussed yesterday. Stimulating my penis doesn’t set up an expectation that I will be allowed to ejaculate. Of course, I want to, but I truly don’t expect it. That in and of itself is a major change in male focus.

The next step — yes there is a next step — is post ejaculation sex. It’s difficult to learn to no longer expect an orgasm, but when we finally get one, our orgasm is the end of the festivities. This is no different than it is for most other males. Once we come we are done. But should we? After all, we’ve learned to separate our ejaculation from penile stimulation as well as providing others with multiple orgasms. Very few of us, if any, have had post-ejaculation sexual activities. If we have truly separated our own pleasure from sex we give, then it shouldn’t matter what state of arousal or satiation we are in when we are told to provide sexual pleasure for others.

For example, let’s say the keyholder decides to edge the caged male and then finally let him have a full orgasm. She finds this very arousing and is now ready for some orgasms herself. He should be ready, willing and able to do anything sexual she requires. I think that would be difficult for most guys, at least in the beginning. I know keyholders who “use” their males without any direct teasing or other stimulation. That’s different. At that point he is capable of orgasm if allowed, so he will be aroused providing pleasure even without anything for him. Just stimulating his keyholder is exciting and satisfying. I wonder if that would be equally true if immediately after he ejaculates, she has him go to work giving her orgasms.

I think this kind of sexual service is completely for her pleasure. He isn’t ready to be aroused again unless he is very young. He wants to bask in the afterglow of his orgasm but can’t. He has to get to work giving his keyholder orgasms since she found making him come was arousing. I know I would be willing to do this for Mrs. Lion but it would be challenging. Just as I have been conditioned to expect an orgasm every time I am stimulated, I am conditioned to expect sexual activity to stop, at least for a while, after I come. I’ve been broken of the expectation that I get to come every time I am stimulated. The next step is to learn to separate providing sexual pleasure from my interest or arousal.

Once a male has been trained to completely separate giving orgasms from his own arousal, he is truly trained to give without any sexual pleasure for him at all. I know I am willing to do this, but it isn’t automatic once I come to immediately look for opportunities to provide (more) sexual pleasure to Mrs. Lion. This, of course, requires conditioning for the keyholder too. Most, like Mrs. Lion, are fully able to tease and enjoy sex without reciprocation. But how many have considered giving the caged male an orgasm as foreplay for her own orgasms? I know that Mrs. Lion and others have said that they love giving their males orgasms. I wonder if part of that enjoyment isn’t a feeling of sexual power that is also arousing? If it is, what better way to enhance the pleasure than teasing him and finally giving him an orgasm, they lying back for extended oral stimulation. Sound like fun? Maybe the new male orgasm routine should include post-ejaculation orgasms for the keyholder.

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    my wife prefers that I don’t orgasm after she unlocks me. The first time we have sex, it is all about her. I try to give her several orgasms without cumming. After that, I am allowed to orgasm. I usually get unlocked for a day or two at a time. Current count is 77 days locked out of 107 days. We took several trips where I was unlocked the entire time. Now it looks like one day release and then back in the cage.

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