I Lied

Well I didn’t really lie. I had every intention of just edging Lion last night. His scheduled date wasn’t until next weekend sometime. I was all set to edge him nightly until then. After I edged him three times, I was encouraged by the pre-cum to continue on with a full orgasm. I told myself if I could edge him four times then I deserved to give him an orgasm. And it was yummy.

Lion told me it would cure his grumbliness. I hadn’t noticed any grumbling. He seemed fine all day. He said he wasn’t going to go around mumbling about being frustrated because he didn’t want to get in trouble. I had no idea he was so horny. He hasn’t been lately. I’m glad he is. I like a horny Lion.

I’ve decided that the frequency of his orgasms benefits us both. He loves getting them and I love giving them. It’s sort of a reward for getting through another day with all the issues we’re facing. Of course, he won’t get them every day, but for the time being more is better. As long as I am able to successfully edge him, that is. If I go through another period of ruined orgasms I may change my mind.

Our current version of male chastity probably isn’t anyone else’s idea of the perfect version. Too bad. It works for us and that’s all that matters. If I’m the one making the decisions then what I say goes. More orgasms. Fewer orgasms. I run the show. Lion will never argue with more orgasms unless I decide to do them nightly for more than two days in a row. And he wouldn’t necessarily be against trying. It just probably wouldn’t work. So for the time being, I will make no promises about the length of Lion’s wait. Schedule be damned! I’ll give him an orgasm when I think one of us deserves it. The lioness has spoken.