Even though we got in late last night I still played with Lion. Earlier in the day he told me he was very horny. I promised I could make it worse last night. So I did. I needed some edging practice anyway. I haven’t had much luck stopping in time lately. Yes, I’ve given him quite a few full orgasms, but even when I’ve tried to edge him I’ve gone a little too far and he wound up with a ruined orgasm.

I only edged him twice last night. No point in pushing my luck. But I did suck him for a bit afterwards. I told him I love doing that. He said he loves when I do it and invited me to continue. He said he’s always a willing participant. As if he has a choice anyway. I can suck him any time I want whether he gets hard or not. Of course, I like it better if he’s hard. But actually one of the times I feel the most powerful is when he’s soft and he gets hard in my mouth. It’s sort of like I’ve brought him back to life. Mouth to cock resuscitation.

Tonight he’ll get some more edging. Practice makes perfect. I think he may get edged every day for a while, if he’s up to it. [Lion — As If I wouldn’t be. Ha!]  His scheduled date isn’t for a while. I like to keep it vague. He says Christmas isn’t for a while either. Very true. A little less than six months away. I’ll definitely let him come before then.