Lion was not horny at all last night. It makes sense since he had an orgasm the night before. He’s a happy boy. For now. He might be horny again tonight. We snuggled for a while. Sometimes that really is better than sex. More sustainable, at least. You can snuggle for hours. You can’t really say that about sex. Not the actual act.

Last night was punishment night. There was nothing on Lion’s list. He’s been pretty good. He’s interrupted a few times, but nothing that really bothered me. Tonight is maintenance spanking night. I guess it’s a good thing we decided to do the maintenance swats. Lion has been very good and I have been very bad at correcting him for the minor things. We do need a way to keep in practice.

We seem to have strayed from our nightly edgings. With Lion not horny for a few of those days, we might need a new plan. It certainly won’t be less than the every other day plan we had before. I hesitate to institute a butt plug night or a CBT night, but I might do something to stir things up a bit. Our weekends have been fairly busy so we haven’t been playing as much as we have in the past. Now that we have the stupid tractor taken care of, our attention will be on getting the camper ready for the summer. I’m sure we can find some time for play this weekend. We just have to make the time.

Speaking of the camper, I’m going to change things up a bit this year. Lion does not have to be naked in the camper. Despite the heavily tinted windows, I’m afraid people can see inside. And, the more selfish reason, he’ll be dressed so he can take the dog out sometimes. I shouldn’t be the only one stumbling around in the dark or the early morning with her. I may even think up a few more camper-specific rules before our first trip. Domestic discipline is in effect no matter where we call home.