Another Night Off

As Lion wrote, I spanked him as soon after his food-spilling incident as possible. I guess he didn’t realize, and I didn’t get a chance to read his post before this morning, but I used two paddles yesterday. The blue one pictured in his post and the wider rubber paddle. Since he was kneeling I got a better sense of where his sit spot actually is so I made use of that knowledge with the rubber paddle. And kneeling opens up his crack more so I didn’t really have to hold it open to swat it with the blue paddle. I didn’t have to, but I did at certain points.

Lion yelped a lot more than usual. I didn’t think I was hitting all that hard. I wasn’t putting much effort into it. Apparently one of the benefits of using rubbery paddles is that they spring back and less force is required to make a point. I’m sure at least part of the yelping was because his skin is tighter when he’s kneeling. On his tummy, everything tends to be relaxed and cushiony. With his hips bent, the cushion spreads out. No more padding.

After his spanking, Lion wrote his post and I went to get the camper ready for its journey to be repaired. In our old house, getting the camper out in February (or much before mid-May, even) was not an option. The ground was too soft and with all the rain we had this year, we’d be lucky to get it out before July. This house has a long driveway that ends in a concrete pad. The camper lives on the pad. The truck and camper are level with each other and hitching should be much easier. Assuming I line it up correctly, that is. Annoyingly, I was off by a few inches to the left and Lion had the camper a bit too high so it took far more attempts than it should have. The next hurdle to getting the camper out is our hedge and the neighbor’s fence. Luckily I was able to miss both. On the return trip, I’m sure the hedge will try to eat the camper again.

We dropped the camper about an hour north of us, which is not too far from a casino we practically lived every weekend for months. Naturally Lion wanted to go. It made more sense to do it since we were so close than to beg off and do it another time. I lost some money and I guess Lion made a little. It was fun seeing the new games and hearing all the slot machine sounds. We left the casino early, for us. Lion usually likes to stay till 11 and then we have an hour drive home.

Along the way, Lion said he was horny. He didn’t know why. I said maybe it was because he’d been spanked earlier. He likes to remember spankings after the pain has subsided and it turns him on. He said it was more likely that I’ve been playing with him so much. We did get home before 10 but we had to take showers to get the smoke smell off and then it was too late to play anyway. We’ll see how horny he is later.

He reminded me today is punishment day but said it doesn’t really matter because he’ll get spanked anyway. Since I didn’t read his post before this morning, I didn’t know he’d assumed I want to practice with this new spanking position. I guess we can. It’s not a big deal to me. It’s literally his butt on the line.

[Lion — The problem is the position. When I’m lying on my stomach with my feet dangling to the floor, I have to work very hard to get out of the way. When I’m on hands and knees, I can collapse back down onto the bed or even crawl a bit to get out of range. Of course, I should stay in position and accept my spanking. This will take time and training.]