Postcards From The Dentist And New Spanking Experiments

Over a week has gone by since my last spanking. I’ve managed to remember to set up the coffeepot and remind Mrs. Lion of punishment days. I’ve also avoided pissing her off. If this holds until Monday, I might get a maintenance spanking.

The concept of maintenance spankings seems odd to most people. After all, why is my “reward” for continued good behavior a painful, punishment-level spanking? It’s a good question. Shouldn’t it earn a reward instead?

I think that this gets to the heart of a disciplinary marriage. My male interest in being spanked prompted me to ask for this. At the least, it means at some level I want to be spanked. That was my original motive. It isn’t the reason why I believe in painful maintenance.

Mrs. Lion and I are creatures of habit. If we let too much time pass between activities, we tend to forget to do them. In the past, when for one reason or another we suspended our disciplinary activities, it was difficult to restart them. Scheduled maintenance spankings serve to remind both of us that just because I avoided getting into trouble, I am not subject to being punished.

In a very real sense, it refreshes our focus on domestic discipline. For her part, Mrs. Lion is reminded of her role and the consequences she delivers as my disciplinary wife. It reminds me of what happens if I break a rule. It’s all too easy for me to forget just how unhappy a spanking makes me. I might be tempted to get lazy.

a postcard from the dentist

Of course, if I didn’t get that maintenance spanking and Mrs. Lion remains diligent, the first time I slip I would be painfully reminded of the errors of my ways. The maintenance spanking is like a postcard from your dentist. It keeps you aware you need to do something, even if it is unpleasant.

Ironically, the maintenance spanking isn’t terribly useful in keeping me focused on specific rules. Based on our experience, I tend to “forget” a rule several weeks after being spanked for the last time I forgot it. It’s odd since I am aware this happens, I still can’t seem to avoid forgetting.

Perhaps the maintenance spankings will extend the time between infractions. I don’t think so. Their purpose is to keep us both focused. It seems to be necessary for us.

new spanking experiments

Mrs. Lion mentioned that she may restart her spanking “experiments”. Since she found more paddles, she mentioned that she might want to see if she can work out how to reliably make me feel the results of a spanking for at least two days after I get it.

There is only one way to do this: experiment. If she decides to resume, maintenance spankings won’t be necessary. Last time she experimented it lasted for a few weeks. She did manage to make one or two of her experiments hurt for more than two days. Unfortunately, she didn’t make note of what she did to produce that result.

Since I seem to be staying out of trouble, scheduled experiments are the only way she can refine her technique and discover the tools that produce the results she wants.

Poor me!